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About metaspencer

I'm a builder, posting regular videos to YouTube that highlight my methods, tools, and the spaces I work in.

My main project at the moment involves converting a Bluebird All American PRISON BUS into a clean, modern living space ... and it's turned out to be quite a project! The bus has pushed me to work across materials and in different domains (electrical work, plumbing, steel fabrication, and woodworking), which is why I love the prison bus project so much.

My perspective on YouTube is that it is the most vibrant resource of our time for people to learn about the world, gain insights from individual creators, and connect across our many differences. As you probably know from my channel, I post a wide variety of videos ... not just woodworking videos or just exercise videos. YouTube allows for free and wide-ranging forms of expression, which is what I love about it. 

I started supporting other builders and creators on Patreon myself in 2017 and know that giving a small donation can be a way to both help a creator and reach deeper into that person's processes and ways of thinking. This site has grown on me, and I appreciate you taking the time to look at my page.
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My goals are like most folks on Patreon: to gain financial independence through my craft. Any little bit helps.
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