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About Madison "Metricula" Roberts

Hey! I'm a cabaret performer in and around Raleigh, NC, and I also stream live music, songwriting, and the Nasty Women Knitting Circle on Twitch! Give me a follow over there at [] to hang out!

In character, I specialize in sing-a-long style original songs and parodies with a nerdy or salty bent. I adore old time and traditional music, but I also love geeky stuff! I hit the stage with my voice and guitar and perform as Metricula, founder of the Safe Sane Consensual Clown Posse. 

And about that...
Metricula is a filker, cabaret performer, and sometimes-clown. She was fired from being a summer camp counselor for at-risk teens because she kept mixing up "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" with "Good Ship Venus" during campfire sing-a-longs. Undeterred, Metricula still books birthday parties for your age 18+ little ones. 

I want to try building up my repertoire and song-writing skills, and I'm hoping that you'll be able to help me! At the $1 per song level, you get access to my private feed, in-progress demos (these don't count toward the per song support!), and access to finished tracks before anyone else.

I love feedback and social media, so I hope this will be a fun fit! 
You can find my social media hub at [].

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