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About Mage Hand Press

Content for 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons, from $3 Per Month


We know how much you love D&D. Your games deserve the best treasure, the most exciting quests, and the most [email protected]$$ characters.

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Mage Hand Press has published completely free D&D content weekly for over five years, with professional-quality PDFs to download and use in your games. Become a patron to help us expand 5th Edition with monthly supplements and classes. You'll gain access to premium books, new base classes, and new settings, so that you can bring the best material to your tabletop.

Here are some of the amazing books available to our patrons:

The Mimic Book of Mimics: This supplement pays homage to the dungeon’s most iconic foe, the shapeshifting mimic, with stat blocks, magic items, and character options.

Complete Investigator: Play a supernatural detective or grizzled monster-slayer in this complete class, all about cunning and ritual magic. Its pages also include a host of new rituals and a brand new system of Truenaming magic.

Taverns and Tankards: An alcoholic trip through D&D, with magical cocktails, drunkenness rules, inebriated archetypes, boozy monsters, and much, much more!

Complete Gunslinger: The definitive version of one of Mage Hand Press's most fun and magnetic classes to date. It comes with 16 subclasses for gunslingers of every stripe and an arsenal of weapons for every kind of playstyle.

Siegeball Sourcebook: The world's greatest fantasy sport (and a riot of a campaign setting) at your fingertips! Experience the thrill of the crowd and the glory of victory with this book's archetypes, sports equipment, magic items, arenas, and more!

Complete Alchemist: The definitive alchemist class, which has eight subclasses, a host of new potions, and a whole chapter on Monstrous Grafts!

Men and Monsters: Men and Monsters adds a suite of new and fascinating races for your players to choose from, along with a metric ton of feats. Before you roll up your next character, consider making a mouseling, tortugan, or matryoshka!

Fey Folio: A stroll through the wondrous and mysterious Feywild, a plane of magic, whimsy, and untold danger. This stunning book outlines its setting with extensive rules and thoughtful dives into the politics of magical feykind and looks at the impossible wonders you can expect to find there.
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Also, patron or not, you're welcome to join our active and welcoming Discord!

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