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About MGF Audio

MGF Audio is a one-person sound design firm based in Sydney. Over the years, MGF has recorded thousands of sounds from vintage synthesisers and keyboards and collected them into sample packs, along with field recordings and other experiments. MGF also makes Max patches and Max 4 Live devices, as well as Reaktor instruments and effects and patches for various synthesisers. 

These are all available at

Subscribers to this Patreon will be rewarded with a large initiation pack and monthly updates including multiple freebies. Higher level subscribers will have access to even more extras. 

There are two tiers to subscription:

MGF Supporter - $4 (USD) a month - Access to most new packs and one exclusive pack once a month.

MGF Pro - $7 (USD) a month - Access to all new packs and two exclusive packs per month.

Subscribers help me to continue to produce more and more content and are greatly appreciated. 
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Access to some new packs and an exclusive pack once a month. You will also receive an initiation pack of goodies. 
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Access to all new packs. Monthly emails with two or more exclusive packs of samples and access to a huge initiation package of goodies.  
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