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About Merry-Go-Round Magazine

Merry-Go-Round Magazine is a continuation of an earlier project called Crossfader Magazine. Crossfader was founded in 2015 by a group of film student seniors who had the slightly arrogant and foolhardy notion that they could start an independent culture magazine to share their thoughts on movies, TV shows, video games, and music in a format other than lengthy Facebook screeds.

Merry-Go-Round Magazine is an attempt to bring thoughtful, independent criticism to an increasingly homogeneous and corporatized media landscape. We pride ourselves on presenting our honest takes on whatever pop culture we choose to write about without cowing to pressure from the major studios and forces that dominate an ever-increasing amount of the pop culture available to us. Simultaneously, we believe in being fair to the creators who work tirelessly to produce the content we critique; we don’t set out to eviscerate anything for the sake of cheap and immediate clicks. By the same token, we hope to always be considerate of the existing fan bases for the things we discuss—through trial and error over the past few years we’ve learned there’s no joy in being vicious to the people who just happen to like something. In short, we aim for this magazine to be a new way to engage with pop culture critically, without entirely sucking the fun out of it in the process. We hope to be a one-stop shop for recommendations in what’s current in any major media platform, while also providing more thorough analysis of what it means to live in an era saturated with so much content.

As we’ve attempted to imagine new and better things we could do with this iteration of our publication, it’s become impossible to keep running this operation without bringing in at least a little money. The cost of keeping a website up and running has gotten to be too much for our editing staff to self-fund. More importantly, we feel that all our talented friends who’ve produced so much exceptional writing for us over the last couple of years deserve to be compensated for their hard work. Nobody is expecting to get rich off this endeavor, but we would be thrilled to start building a community of subscribers who want more from their online content, who are willing to contribute directly to see it come to fruition. We hope you’ll join us.
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