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Casual Reader

You get a DRM-free copy of all of my self-published works (EPUB and MOBI formats). In addition, you also gain access to certain other works, including those representing milestone goals.

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Serious Reader

You get DRM-free copies (EPUB and MOBI) of all my self-published works before anyone else, as well as access to stories written for milestone goals. Also, you...

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Supporter Lite

This tier is for those who wish to help out more than Serious Readers, but aren't willing to go as far as the Supporter leve...

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You get the same benefits as the Serious Reader (DRM-free preprint copies of my novels, novellas, and short stories), but this is extended to all ...

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You get everything from lower tiers (DRM-free preprint and draft access and supporter credit), as well as three (3) votes per year on community-driven stories. Also, ...