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I go by the name of Mia Kerr. I have published over twenty novels in Wattpad and Dreame. Sign up to get exclusive content only for my patrons! I write stories in most genres, favorite including; paranormal romance, fantasy, romance, and erotic horror. Inside my Patreon page, you can get access to upcoming and published stories, series, erotica one-shots, and novellas. Read before anyone else!

Master List; 

Currently Updating;
The Alpha's Dungeon [4-5 chapters every Sunday)
Marissa Mcphersondidn't know what she was putting herself into when she signed up for a session at her Alpha's dungeon. A little play of chains and whips was her expectations but after the passionate night, she craved for more and more. Her desires took a dark, wicked turn and she began wanting to be trapped behind the stoney walls, stripped and taken till there was nothing left of her soul. However, there was only enough she could get before she had to pay a visit to hell.

Erotic One Shots [Published twice every month]
Erotic one-shots, short stories in different kinks as BDSM, DDLG, hardcore, vanilla, rough, paranormal, gangbang, werewolf, vampire, witches, mafia and billionaire. These are individual short stories for a quick read! May turn into novella's or novel's in the future.  

Red Saving The Alpha [4-5 chapters every Thursday]
The sudden, woeful death of Red took a toll on Luciano and after decades of ruling the werewolf kingdom, the King stepped down, leaving his throne and everything he had built for years. The Blackmaw Castle was set on fire, along with the few hundred witches in the cellar, turning everything into ashes and the King was left shattered.

Completed Books;
The Scarred Beast [Completed]
Lilliana never thought what she would come across on one fateful night where she felt more hornier than ever. Once marked by the beast, everyone frowned upon her and she was ruined until the beast appeared again, claiming her as his.

Red Loving The Alpha [Completed]
Infamous Red, Meredith, returns to the Blackmaw Manes with a new child growing in her womb and her mate by her side. Laws are changed, the council is torn apart and families are separated.
When other witches emerge from the oblivion, Red is put through a test and if she fails, she loses her mate and her life but if she passes, she regains control of the werewolf kingdom and becomes the queen of the witches.

Submitting To The Bully [Completed]

When Brianna started senior year in Eastcrow High, she found herself attracting the games of the notorious bad boy, Scott Nicholas, a known bully of the school who enjoyed playing around with girls and teasing them to the point where they give their hearts to him.
And what does he does? He crushes them and feels no remorse.
After a small incident, Brianna fell on her knees for the bad boy for only he could fulfill all her dirty fantasies. She soon found herself falling for him and his wicked tricks. However, love wasn't a term in Scott's dictionary.

The Alpha's Desire [Completed]
Surviving as a lone wolf was difficult, especially when you have so many enemies chasing behind you. Myra left her pack at a very young age and found shelter in a small city. It wasn't long enough till the wolves found her and captured her. She was thrown at the feet of the Alpha Bane and was forced into submission.

Red Riding The Alpha [Completed]
Red lived in a small town in Pennsylvania with her grandmother. The town was known to invite supernatural creatures every year. Whenever the mating season struck, it was a ritual for young women, human or not to stand partly dressed in the town center, blindfolded and ready be taken by the wild beasts lurking in the forest. Things take a twist when Red turns eighteen and she's ordered to participate in the ritual.
Blindfolded on the night of evil, innocent Red is devoured by a man who called himself the Alpha.

Splintered Beauty [Completed]
Spotlight never suited Keira and in order to survive, she is required to embrace the public as Sebastian's girlfriend and the daughter of a well-known designer Alexandra. It is also discovered that Sebastian and Katherine are major suspects involved in the murder of Charles Russell. At the same time, Keira's s desire for Sebastian increases and she is bent over to fulfill her long-dreamt fantasies.
Will Sebastian be able to give what Keira wants? And can Keira give want he wants?

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Mia Kerr

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 161 exclusive posts

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