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I want to take you to another universe.

I write a little bit of everything all taking place in a blended speculative fiction setting. Tragedy, fortune, war, peace, heroism, murder, love, hate, adventure, horror... Traditional fantasy races and magic combine with aliens and technology for endless possibility. While science can accomplish grand acts of engineering, magic locally rewrites the laws of physics. All higher technology combines the two. There is no faster than light travel, no artificial gravity, no infantry-sized energy weaponry without magic.

Stories can take place in any time period and I have no stereotypical medieval European setting. Magic changes the world in the ancient and medieval eras but clashes with science during the enlightenment before blending with it in the technomagical future. My writing is heavily influenced by Jewish, Hebrew, and Canaanite mythology.

I write for the enjoyment of the creation. It was my first love before my abusive family crushed my talent in my teenage years. Now I have an artist wife and a wonderful daughter (kept far away from my abusers). I need to be an example for her, and that means rebuilding what I had lost. This is where you will find that work.

Short stories will be published to this Patreon. If it ties into a book, it will be freely available. Stand-alone stories or series will be for patrons only. I also provide audio books of all stories (as time allows), both free and patroned.

I cannot guarantee any specific length each month as I am working on books as well as stories. The more I earn in patronage, the more time I can spend writing and producing more stories.

Let me transport you to another world.

Interested in something a little more realistic? We live in an RV! Visit my thrice-weekly blog.

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My wife and I will create digital comic books of each story, available on new tiers (short and comic; or short, comic and audio).
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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