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About Michael Axonn

I’m one of those people that often live inside their imagination. I’ve never re-purposed the rooms that imagination occupied during my childhood. Not a speck of dust lies upon the instruments of creation that this Universe gifted me. My creative energy is at an all-time high and I have but one wish: to be gifted with the possibility of manifesting this energy, of putting it to good use.

When writing, my favorite themes are consciousness, the nature of reality, dreams, the power of imagination, love and free will. Two years ago, I began work at a book titled “Stories from the Continuum”, an exploration of many of these themes. I have two short stories in final draft stage, both open to feedback & improvements. These two first stories are a good representation of what you can expect of me, but of course, it's only the beginning and I like to evolve fast. Both stories are available on Patreon but here is a link to the first one, which is very short and serves as an introduction to my first book.


Starting with the 1st of May 2018, the book I mentioned above has become part of something larger, along with a previous book of mine. The project is named Nexus. Here is the first reveal of Nexus, published for its 1-year birthday:


Computers have always fascinated me and this led me to pursue a career in computer science. This resulted in a career as a software developer. It’s a job I love and that also supports my writing – although it currently demands too much of my time, which is why I need to make my writing profitable.

Combining computer science with literature, I have initiated an Open Source Literature^ experiment. I am creating a framework for writers to create and participate in open source writing projects. This consists of a set of best practices, an open source literature licensing model as well as software tools and programs to facilitate contributing and branching (rewriting, remixing) literary works. My first book is written so that it can support this framework.

This page is under construction. I plan to add a lot more here, including videos and links for further details.
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