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A handmade card?  Letter?  Postcard?  Bookmark?  Book?  Novel?  Poem?  Video?  Thoughts?  Advice?  Interaction?  Skype?  Conference Call?  Assistance?  Consultation?  Appreciation?

I'm feeling a bit confused when I think about sending out rewards, wanting connection and clarity from you, the Unknown Patron (soon to be the Known Patron!), about what you'd like to receive.

So, think deep and wide, reach into that mythic "reward drawer" in your mind, and tell me what you find, and we'll see what we can do, yeah?

For $1 (a month?), I will at least attempt to connect with you about this question of how we might find some win-win reward situation.  If the numbers of supporters goes crazy high (hopefully!), I'll likely need support in connecting with all my supporters.  You, whoever you are, are getting in on the ground floor of my Patreon campaign, and right now I'm feeling quite open to hearing from you.  I reserve my right to not personally respond to everyone at any time, but if I do so, I hope you trust it isn't out of malice, but because I'm needing to take care of myself in other ways.

* * *

P.S.  It would be a gift to me worth $12, such that if I had it, I'd pay you just to pay it back to me.  And maybe then some.  Why?  Your interaction and connection has limitless and uncountable value.  If you want to connect with me and collaborate or want help or want to offer help, awesome!  Send me a bit of money, and when you need it back, please, ask, and I'll do what I can to help you out.  I, ultimately, want to be of service to you, us, and all.  I want to build a global culture of servants, leaders, teachers, learners, lovers, and madmen (in the holiest sense of the term).  I am willing to do work.  For $12 a year, I would love to connect with you and see how we might collaborate at creating a world society that works for everyone and where everyone cares about *each* other.  

And I understand that you might find that hard to believe.  But, it is one of my dreams, and I would love support in manifesting it.




per month


"I, most likely like you, am most likely like you." - Tautology Man

"Thus begins the most mind-bendingly annoying work I've read this year!" - Super Meta Anti-'Cognitive Dissonance' Man

* * *


My name is Michael Joseph Maximilian Clark. Wait, no, that's not quite right.

My parents named me Michael Joseph.
My father's father's surname is Clark, and thus, by the tradition so is my own.
I conceal my maternal surname mostly because I'm not sure if you would understand.  But anyway, it's Klimowski.
I selected the name Maximilian after Maximilian Kolbe for the sacrament of Confirmation in the Catholic Church.

I have many other names, as well. You met two of my other names above.  Many more are to the left in the side-bar biography space. 

I shall share more later (about my names and other things) whether you support me or not, but I can't tell you how much I would love your support.  You can't tell anyone anything really, but you can point to the thing.

You may consider this, right Here, right Now, me pointing to that truth:

** I need support **

And in particular, I am requesting that you, Dear Reader, support me in whatever way is joyful for you, and I request that you only do it if it is joyful to you.  I request that if you can, you only give any of your life energy to me if it would bring you the joy of a small child feeding a hungry duckling.  Only if you are as happy to do so as the child is to feed the duck and as happy as the duck is to be fed.

Consider me the child and the duck.

Spiritually, your support is recognized just if you pay attention to that I exist. I know I exist. I might not consciously know that you exist, but I know consciously that I care about you and all the rest. I care. And I matter. And you matter.  And I can even appreciate if you are paying me zero attention.  I can celebrate that you're choosing to do other important things with your life.  

[You:  Is he serious?]
[[Me:  I am.]]

Anyway:  On the subject of "support."

This support could and does take on infinite forms: strategies of support I'm excited about include (but are not limited to:) collaborators for projects (especially in person but also virtually), feedback on what I do, encouragement towards doing things, money, donations of used ukuleles, tasty clean food (for those in my area), places to stay, payment for attending events and for bus / train-fare, help fixing up my bike, mentors, teachers, collaborators, money, invitations to have me come work for you. And so on.

* * *

Yesterday, whilst displaying my mother's art at the Coffee Pot Cafe, I asked David DiDomenico if busking [street-performing with asking for donations] is allowed in downtown Akron. The scene went something like this:

Me: Is busking allowed in Akron?
David DiDomenico: Absolutely.
Me: Do you need a permit?
DD: Not at all. You can do whatever you want.
Me: But what about panhandling?
DD: You need a permit for that.
Me: But what's the difference!?
DD: Oh, there's a huge difference between panhandling and busking!
Me: Yeah, panhandlers are actually producing something of value in this world!  So thus, it should be more restricted?  :-P Telling someone you need assistance and asking for it is hugely important!  Street performers are still mostly perceived as selling themselves as having "instrumental value" and thus "deserving" of money.  But simply asking for money.  "No no, none of that."  :-P

I didn't rant quite that much, but that was the gist, and I think I said it more eloquently the first time.

Anyway. You can consider me a digital panhandler AND a digital street performer. I am going to live the way that I am going to live (--> Tautology Man), whether you give me any of your support or not. But I would love it. AND, a lot of what I do, incidentally, has instrumental value. But I want to live in a world where we support each other not ONLY because things have instrumental value*, but ALSO because things have instrumental value. I matter. I am worth caring for. I know this and do this. You matter. You are worth caring for.

How can I serve you? How can I be of assistance? Please. Share. I truly want to know, and I want others to know as well.

*Briefly, a list of things I do that have instrumental value:

Organize.  Clean.  Care for others' well being.  Offer empathy.  Offer presence.  Teach juggling.  Teach chess.  Teach graphic art.  Talk with people.  Freely share ideas.  Celebrate people.  Celebrate life.  Teach about the "art of life."  Walk around.  I uplift "trash".  I share challenging ideas and perspectives.  I tell stories.  I bonk people's reality.  I bike (instead of drive).  I walk.  I walked to D.C. with the Great March for Climate Action.  I got arrested (thrice!) to assist in raising awareness about issues of climate, environmental health, safety, economics, culture, love.  I served 8 days in jail for same.  I'm contemplating serving at least 18 more.  I dance!  I love love.  I carry around knowledge.

I know (and know about):

important people
Nonviolent Communication
embodied intimacy

And I'm just getting started!  So if it would be a gift to you, please share with me your gifts, in whatever form delights you!

Like the child and the duck.
$2 of $52 per month
When I hit $52 / month, I will be able to have the financial resource to become a full-time member of the Akron Makerspace, which will give me access to an amazing community with a plethora of tools and know-how for making things.  :-D

What would you like to learn how to make?

Also I will celebrate because I love the number 52!  Woo!  <3
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