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About Michael C. Sahd

Illustrators, and narrators, and marketing, oh my!
Illustrators, and narrators, and marketing, oh my!

When I went into self-publishing for the first time, I didn't realize the extent of the costs involved. For months, I searched for a reliable, quality, yet affordable illustrator for the cover of Assassin Marked. In the end, due to a lack of funds, I was forced to rely on my own artistic skills. Mind you, I'm quite happy with the way the cover turned out; nonetheless, had I been able to afford a professional illustrator, I believe the cover image could have been improved.

Nonetheless, I soldiered on, publishing my sci-fi/fantasy short story in October of 2017. Its success far exceeded my expectations. The book remained in the top 100 in its Amazon category for much longer than I would have ever predicted, especially since it's only 42 pages long.

Of course, a portion of that success was due to an intense marketing campaign. Between buying books to distribute locally, signing up for author accounts on various websites, hosting Amazon giveaways, attending book signings, and purchasing advertising on multiple platforms, my marketing expenses mounted.

After all, a few dollars here, a few dollars there, and a hundred over at that other place adds up quickly. That's not counting the untold hours that my wife and I have put into creating author profiles and establishing a solid social media following.

Then began the search for a high-quality narrator for the audiobook version of the story. At a rate of $200 an hour, most of the available narrators exceeded my budget. Fortunately, I ran across Paul Burt, who was willing to narrate my book for a 50-50 royalty split. What luck!

Now, my second book (a full-length fantasy novel) is sitting at my editor's desk, and I am working on writing the next installment of The DuFonte Chronicles. After the completed book has been edited and proofread, it will be sent out to beta readers and, based on their feedback, it may be edited again. Then begins the journey once more: to locate and acquire an illustrator and a narrator, and to set up a marketing campaign. Oh my!

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