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Hey team, welcome to my Patreon Page! It's great to be able to use Patreon for something I've been thinking of doing for a long time. I'm going to donate 100% of the money I raise. 50% to the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless and 50% to the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. But first let me explain about this website and my project.

Patreon: Patreon is a website run by very close friends of mine; Tyler and Cole Palmer, Anthony Privitelli, and the rest of the great Patreon team. It's an awesome website built to better fund different artists and now a runner.

How it works:  Basically, artists ask supporters/fans for 1 or 2 dollars per piece of art they release because creating great content costs money. It costs in terms of time, or materials, or equipment. In return, the creators give cool incentives to their supporters.

Now you might think that running doesn't cost money... but unlike most people on here. I'm not going to keep anything I get, I'm donating it all.

I am asking that instead of my supporters donating per piece of content, they donate per training milestone and marathon I run. That way every mile I run, I will raise that many more dollars for a good cause. It will motivate me to keep going and complete my running program.

How much will I be running: This is my first Marathon. In fact, I've never even run a half marathon. 

My training program calls for the following amount of miles every month. The Boulder Marathon is Oct. 4th so my training program goes accordingly. 

May 26th - Boulder Boulder 10K
June - 95 miles
June 29th - Boulder Heart & Sole Half Marathon
July  - 110 miles
August - 125 miles
September - 140 miles
October 4th - Boulder Marathon

How much should you donate: I have 7 milestones above. I will charge my supporters each time I reach a milestone. That will be once or twice a month. So you should think about how much you are willing to give and divide that by 7. 

So if you would like to give $21 to my project, pledge $3 per milestone reached. If you pledge for me to reach my milestones. It will help me train that much harder. 

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