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I make artistic sexy glamor films!

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Cinematographer, Editor, Director, and I get water bottles for my talent!


Los Angeles, CA, USA
Welcome to my world! I have created a youtube channel where you can watch beautiful women every week in glamor films that are sexy, sensual, but clean enough that these girls can even show their moms what they did . LOL.
I love picking up a camera and shooting. I love using light and dark to create incredible moving images of beautiful women. I truly do this for the art, as many people have said I should make canned music videos, but I tried that, and it destroyed all my creative desire. I pick the songs that I love and my models love so that we are all having fun and enjoying what we are doing as this is a labor of love.

Incredibly, all these beautiful women love what I do and many come work for free, but there are a lot of models out there that I would like to shoot, Alot of locations I want to shoot at, but cannot afford to. And, It takes many hours of shooting, editing, and post-production fx to create these videos, so finding the time and funds to do this while earning some kind of a living is not easy. Your help will allow me to continue creating my art and hopefully to expand and create even greater videos in the future with new locations, multiple models, incredible wardrobes,and great makeups, etc.

It's not the amount you donate that's important. If you're concerned about going over your budget, there's an easy way to set a monthly maximum for yourself when you're entering your payment info.I truly appreciate the fact that you feel my art deserves your support.

Thank you.

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