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I'm a writer, director, DP, and sometime actor with a portfolio of narrative features, shorts, commercials, music videos and even some animated computer game shorts.
Check out my work at http://michael-morlan.net.

I recently produced, wrote, directed, and edited the popular fan-oriented webcast, "Wingmans' Hangar" for the space simulator game, Star Citizen.

Not content with that, I'm producing and hosting my own Star Citizen fan webcast, "Galactic Inquiry" with my most excellent partners, Carla and Dan.


Austin, TX, USA

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  Galactic Inquiry  
is a weekly fan content variety show hosted by Michael “Viewmaster” Morlan.

Michael and Star Citizen fans are of one heart and mind: The Game and therefore this Show is about the fans. And we will give fans a place to share their amazing work.  Galactic Inquiry knows no limits to its curiosity. If you've done something great, we know everyone else wants to see it.

  Who We Are  
Michael is the former producer, writer, director, and editor of the highly successful “Wingman’s Hangar” Now, he's stepping out from behind the camera and sitting behind the desk to put his experience to work directly for the benefit of the Star Citizen community.  No restrictions.  Now we're flying without a net!

Carla and Dan are the Galactic Inquiry creative team.  They keep the show fresh and lively and keep Michael on his creative toes.

We believe in fan driven-content for the creation of games and game lore. It's a Game Wiki World now, and we know you are the Lifeblood -- not only as Players, but as Creators of Worlds.

  Why We Need Your Help  
Producing Galactic Inquiry is a full-time job for us.  Our days are chock full of brainstorms, writing, collaborating with other media creators, puppets, costumes, props, cameras, lighting, sets, shooting, editing...

Wait, did we say "puppets?"  Hmmm.  Okay, puppets too.

  What You Get  
As a Patron of Galactic Inquiry, you receive many exclusive benefits not available to the public.  Check out details, below.

  The Future . because that is where we will live 
Your support makes it possible for us create Galactic Inquiry at the best possible quality level and allows us to add features, gear, and team members. We'll be discovering what we can do as we go along. Your ongoing support and feedback is central to our success.

Thank you for your support, and above all, thanks for watching!
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