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Create a feeling thing. Compose a poem, a picture, or an evening. Let it be now. Listen for how it wants to move, for the secret purpose it has in the world. Notice the way your spine straightens when you read this sentence. Be still. Your purpose is as tangible as the thing you’re feeling right now. Delight in the sound of the song you sing. Make art, make love, make meaning. Carry that feeling thing into the world. Tell about it. This is what you’re made for.

Excerpt from “How To Be In The Unknown” © Michael Namkung 2020

Hi, I’m Michael Namkung. I’m an artist, poet, athlete and father. I’ve been an artist all my life and have been practicing art professionally for over a decade. Recently, I performed a one-man show of poetry, storytelling and extreme sports called Seeing The Invisible that I toured in California, Oregon and Western Australia.

In this precise moment, our world is in massive upheaval. Amidst widespread insecurity, we’re seeking new ground and new ways of being. We’re being called to reawaken our imaginations and to create anew.

To create a new world, first we imagine a new world. When we imagine a new world, we relearn what it is to feel—because imagination is a feeling thing. Many of us walk through life traumatized by life, living inside our heads, unable or unwilling to feel the full range of our emotions, unmoored from the creative power of our imaginations.

Imagination asks us to make a home for joy and for grief; for exhilaration and for anguish. A rekindled imagination sees the multitudes we contain. It enables us to put one brave foot in front of the other and walk back into wholeness. Imagination knows that healing ourselves and healing our world are one and the same.

My art and my poetry aim to draw together disparate elements to reveal their hidden connectedness; to reach across the divide and bear witness to one another; to open us to the deeper, unknown parts of ourselves, so we can create a more beautiful world that reflects the beauty living deep within us.

I work to create feeling things. I am here to make art that renews our desire and our capacity to feel; to inspire creative awakening and fearless self-expression. And I’m doing it in a genre-busting way that doesn’t yet have a clear home in any one commercially established artistic field.

I’m blessed to have a community of supporters that have followed my artwork over the years, and I’m here on Patreon to ask for your help in building this vision through this monthly membership program.

I’m seeking the time to write and publish a new book of poetry, produce new stage performances and develop new bodies of work. I want to bolster my capacity to collaborate with other artists. I want to bring my work into prisons. I’m looking for the freedom to do this work without waiting for a commission, a grant, a gallery or a publisher.

If a few hundred of you chip in five dollars a month, I can start to build a team that would allow me to do more creating and less organizing. And that would be a game-changer.

When you become a patron, you’ll get access to private updates, works-in-progress and behind-the-scenes content. You’ll become part of a special community of subscribers who are on this journey with me, and who I want to hear from.

I’m grateful to belong to a community that supports and believes in the healing power of art. I believe the time has come for ambitious, paradigm-shifting art and I’m here to contribute to that—but I know I can't do it without help. Thank you.

For more information, please visit http://michaelnamkung.com

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts

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