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Access to all the backer content. I usually cut out funny bloopers and outtakes because they don't fit the video, I'll be posting those on my Patreon feed. I'll also be doing sneak peeks into the projects I'm working on.

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About Michael Reeves


So I make funny programming videos on the internet. To be completely honest, I started posting videos because I was bored and wanted something to do. Now we're at 1.5Mill subscribers, and I'm having a great time creating educational/comedic content.

Why Do I Do This?

Somehow, after all the, tedious work and painful debugging sessions, I still love to program. A lot of software developers experience something called the Overjustification Effect. Programmers start out just coding for fun, but as soon as they get a job programming, they experience a huge drop in passion for the craft, and I'm no different. To regain my enjoyment for programming, I started taking on stupid, personal projects. It worked amazingly well, I wasn't trying to make anything useful, or appease any managers, I just made things. Eventually, I wanted to share my creations, so (in combination with crushing boredom), I started my YouTube channel.

I also think that learning to code is incredibly important. A lot of software videos/ tutorials are monotone and boring, so it's a lot harder to get excited about programming. I really hope to inspire people to program with a mix of stupid creations and comedy.

So Why am I on Patreon?

I just want to make more shit, more often. I've got a 9 to 5 job to support myself, and I'd love to supplement some of those hours in favor of making more videos. Your Patreon donations will allow me to create bigger projects, more often. Thank you for considering supporting me.
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Serious Content Upgrades

Now I can do it bigger and better. There are so many projects I want to work on, but I can't do many of them due to my budget. At this funding threshold, I'll be able to purchase supplies necessary to facilitate the many useless creations rattling around in my head. Not to mention a big increase in upload frequency. 
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