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About Michael Reiley

🎹 MICHAEL REILEY is a composer and musician. He creates sonic worlds in the traditions of sound therapy, sacred music, and Deep Listening®. His work explores the nexus of inner and outer soundscapes as a mode of transpersonal connection and oneness. Through this exploration spectrums of listening consciousness are illuminated including music for sleep, dreaming, meditation, therapy, movement, and focused states of attention/awareness.

🌊 His music uses techniques and technologies such as drones, binaural beat frequencies, color therapy, data sonification, field recording, tape loops, sacred geometry, esoteric frequency ratios, alternate tuning systems, extended improvisations, sound healing instruments, and more traditional instruments like piano, hand pan, and synthesizer.

🙏 Michael offers most of his music free of charge and is supported by the support of Patrons. He feels that music is an invaluable energy exchange so he does not want to put a price on it. Instead, it is freely offered at places like BandcampYouTube, and his various project websites.

🟠 Patrons can download (MP3) or stream high-quality versions of weekly soundscapes Michael posts here. Also as the community grows he hopes to offer things like guided meditations, live streams, and virtual meetups.

🦄 Recent projects include Echozoo, an archive of reimagined soundscapes of extinct animals and their habitats, and Celestial Music Box, a generative system that uses live star coordinate data to create sleep music.

🐚 Michael is also certified as a Deep Listening teacher and practitioner in the lineage of Pauline Oliveros. Her integrative framework includes the unity of Meditation, Listening, Sounding, Dreaming, and Movement as modalities to discover the differences between hearing and listening.

👂🏻“Through Listening, we experience the profound ephemeral, precious web of interconnection“

🧘🏽Michael's music and sound therapy are perfect for Meditation, Yoga, Relaxation, Massage, Reiki, Music Therapy, Sound Healing, and Therapy, and the continuum of being/becoming.

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