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About Michael Rider

Something you don’t get from the video is HOW much I love you. I wish I could have expressed it more, but I would have ended up looking like a buffoon. This Patreon will help me speed up my artistic endeavors; touring more frequently to more cities, consistent marketing and promotion, costly studio expenses, music videos, creative projects, etc; but this is really FOR YOU! (As it should be for *** sakes!)

So many of you are actually my friends and are interested not only in me as a musician but as a person. This Patronship will allow me to unveil tangible artworks, care packages, open up dialogues, and conduct side projects to you DIRECTLY! Not only will it be a fun and a good time, but you as my patron will become my creative council. You will allow and guide me into making career decisions through behind the scenes discussions, and become the taste testers to something you want to see.

Ultimately, this is about creating something bigger than you and i. All of my life, I’ve never found a music artist that looked like me or cared about the things i do. However, with this Patronship, you will not only empower me to follow my dreams but you will stand for something authentic and representative to all the people that look like us.

To learn more about me please visit michaelwrider.com !

(Special thanks to Brett Gleason, Amanda Palmer, Zoe Ravenwood, and Tyler Meacham)

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