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I believe in the Power of Music.

I'm creating a channel that allows me to lend my music toward an awe inspiring epic visual journey for you, letting me turn my skills in video production and direct the lens toward art.Collective Awakening allows you to share in the beauty and power of my musical process and lets us connect through the in depth lens of film. Join me and I'll give you a peak into some wonderful moments.

I'm turning music into a cinematic journey, a never ending adventure through immersive camera experiences. Released every one or two months, in each video you will discover another amazing venue aa I share the songs that we've created for you. It's here for people who have been touched by my music and want to become part of my premium community who demonstrate their love by joining. It's like saying "I want your work."

Help me put together the video production budget to keep making this happen. And as a special gift you will get in the early access for my latest content and the joy of supporting my career in a small and meaningful way. Pledge $1/$5/$10 for each video.

Become part of the small crew of folks that offer me a small tip each month to continue creating more immersive ascendant video experiences content for you to view.

Patreon (this page) enables me to have the production budget I need to invest the time to get these inspiring video stories out to the world.

Get lots of great music and exclusive discounts for joining.

If you're curious about what we might bring forward in the future, then join as a patron inner-circle subscriber and select a per-month $$ video pledge, and 

Please receive my utmost respect and gratitude for having you on the team:

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With your contribution, you support me and artists everywhere to get professional videos of our music, and you receive a window into inspiration and your own true nature.

--New mountaintop single => "Lifeline"      Listen / watch now
--Michael Zeligs latest 6-track album "RISE" - Free 6-Track EP
-{big/new fans} My  33 track music catalogue,
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-Upcoming release : "Cosmic Chants - Michael Zeligs Band LIVE"
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when you =>> support me as an artist <<=

How am I able to offer free downloads?  
Each month I create a special music video gift for YOU, shot in a unique environment, showcasing myself AND/OR other inspiring musicians as we share an amazing song experience. My patrons offer a small $1-$10 tip each time I produce a beautiful music video, which keeps me going as an artist.

If you join by giving a small amount per video you will receive extra special patrons-only content:unreleased songs, time to hang out, and other special gifts that are only available to my inner-circle of fans.

Get involved as a foundational supporter for the "Collective Awakening" Music Video Channel. You'll get to participate in a never ending journey of authentic outdoor music video experiences, and you'll enjoy the ride of connecting with heart-opening and inspiring music.

If you are passionate about my work and inspired by the idea of this channel, I present my humble request to your now: Please consider offering $3-$10 per video, and click this link to:

100% of your per-video pledge goes directly for the production, sourcing, and editing costs for our next months episode of Collective Awakening TV / Music Videos for the Greater Good. And you'll be included in a continuous stream of good music releases along the way!

After you select a reward level and enter your pledge information, you get to be on the inside track and join me behind the scenes to receive my latest music and film experiences.  

Please take a moment to ask if you are willing join my life as a patron of the arts. 

Choose a reward by selecting a pledge level, and get involved today! ⇗⇗

Thanks and Love,

Latest Collective Awakening Music Videos:

About the Video Producer:

I am a performer, recording artist, and entrepid filmmaker. I make videos that evoke the core of the human heart, and I write music that enables everyone to grow as a singer. The videos on my Collective Awakening volume one contain an important message and help remind all of us of the spirit in the matter.

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"Like Cat Stevents, the songwriting throughout the whole album is simple, full of powerful statements and very melodic in nature. It is fresh and genuine and oozes sincerity of purpose. It is an honest exploration of self achieving fusion between the great folk writers of america and the group singing traditions of devotional yoga.

Thanks again for joining this project for Season 2, and I hope you enjoy the videos!

Hope to see you soon,

$147 of $250 per Video
I'll host a beautiful memorable Bay Area concert for patrons to celebrate and enjoy beautiful music. Patrons get free entry!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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