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About Michele Ilona

Hello, everyone! My name is Michele Ilona and I'm a Cosplayer from Germany.
I did my first costume in 2010. In 2013 „COSPLAY“ has become my greatest hobby and a big part of my life. I totally fell in love with all the amazing costumes and the great community. ♥

I create Costumes and Props from Anime, Manga, Games, TV Series, Movies and Comics. It can be everything from big heavy armors to elegant dresses to weapons, Wings, superhero suits, headdresses, accessories.... and much more with many different materials and techniques.

To help others who want to build their own cosplays I sometimes create little tutorials or give workshops where I give tips and lead you through the work steps. I also sometimes do cosplay crafting streams on twitch where you can watch me crafting live on my costumes and ask questions.

My favourite part of cosplay are photo shootings in my costumes in cooperation with talented photographers ♥ 

I want to do much more and bigger costumes in the future, attend more conventions in Germany and also international to meet all of you out there who want to see me and I also want to see you. I also want to show you much more on my social media (YouTube, twitch, Instagram...) and give you something back.

I create most of  the costumes by myself, I‘m my own visagist, often my own photographer/editor, my own web designer... keep my social media updated, making YouTube videos, doing shootings, stream on twitch or hosting hangouts and also doing the organisation and „business“ stuff. All these things need a lot of time and money. I want to get better with what I‘m doing, I want to practise and start bigger projects and just do even more.

But I'm sure with your support and love we can do this and make my dream come true!! ♥

Find and follow me on my other social media pages:


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I don't really have a goal here. I just want to give those a platform who'd like to support me. I don't expect anything from you but if you really want to support me with money I'd really appreciate it a lot!
♥ Thank you so much ♥
every $ helps me to continue cosplay and work on projects.
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