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About Lion Art Studio

Hi, thanks for checking out my page... here’s a little bit about me, my art & why I’m here at Patreon... 

I don’t enjoy talking about myself, but it can’t be avoided in order to share why I’m here.... I’m sorry it is rather long.... maybe grab a coffee, & a comfortable chair before you start reading 🙂

I’m a digital illustrator from Australia..but it’s taken me a whole lifetime to finally do what I truely love & planned long ago as a teen at art school. 
I was accepted into the School of Art here in Melbourne at 16, & it was amazing. Studying fine art in a studio flooded with natural light, with professional models for life drawing classes was incredible. The fundamentals were drilled into us by Robert Gill a published professor who enjoyed torturing us with endless perspective & lighting studies. I had all the tools to become a working artist. 

This all changed when I found out I was pregnant, I was able to finish my classes but I had to rethink my career choice. 
I graduated in fine art & graphic design at Melbourne School of Art. To wait for years building a following & hoping to get my art into galleries & known by collectors, was no longer an option. The decision was simple, to work as a graphic designer gave me instant income & a good career. it was what I had to do, to provide for my baby girl.... a single parent trying to make it in fine art was not an option... she was my everything & babies need stuff. 

it was the very beginning of computers becoming a tool for graphics & typesetting, I’d learnt traditional methods & used paste up boards & light boxes to create art for  printed material. The first computer we had was a Mac which had Quark & then Pagemaker.... I taught myself how to use them, cursing as it would crash & take forever to do anything. The company I worked for then purchased PC’s & the programs were becoming more advanced... Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw I spent an extra few hours a night there learning these new tools... & they did make the process faster, with more possibilities for design. This wasn’t feeding my creativity though.... I wanted to draw.... but I didn’t have time my life was busy.  I met my ex husband & along with my job I also partnered with him, training & riding racehorses. 

I then became very sick, my life changed completely... it was an endless revolving door of doctors, hospitals, alternative treatments, operations & disappointment. The pain is horrendous.... there’s very little relief, & the illness I have is extremely rare, with no treatment. 
‘It took years to diagnose, I couldn’t work.... my marriage ended & my body was failing me. I have had so many complications, & once there’s a weakness the rest of your body starts to follow suit. I’ve had many close calls.... so am thankful to still be here. 

I had to explain my earlier years in order to get to the important things... while in recovery  after a particularly bad infection.. I decided to start drawing again.. my family brought me some pencils & sketchbooks.. it felt so good to be creating, & was very therapeutic. One of my nurses had a concept artist friend, he showed me some of his work... well it blew my mind! I couldn’t believe what was being created digitally. When I got home I worked on getting a computer & purchased a little Wacom Bamboo tablet.... This is where my current journey begins..... 

That was 4 years ago, & in that time there’s not to many days I haven’t been on a computer or iPad drawing. I had to relearn all the fundamentals... & get my muscle memory & hand eye coordination back in shape. This takes lots of hours just drawing, studies, concept art, illustrations.... I drew animals & environments constantly. Wacom had selected my work for The Next Level Exhibition, Corel featured a lot of my art in their software launches & on packaging... & I’d done collabs with artists from around the world. I felt it was time to start thinking about working.... & I was keen on illustration. There was one problem..... I couldn’t draw people. Well.. I’m not sure if couldn’t is the right word, probably wouldn’t was more accurate. I knew I had to sort this out if I was serious about a career in illustration, so I started to draw portraits. I took classes & got help/critiques from artist friends I admire & I worked really hard to change my awful human renderings, into something people would be interested in purchasing. Lol the funny thing is, it’s now my favourite subject.... I love drawing people, & most of my work is portrait, concept & character design illustrations.

I started working freelance seriously this year, & was also honoured to become Corel Softwares new Painter Master in February. As a Painter Master, I do webinars, tutorials as well as create brush sets, art & other content for Corel Painter.
I’ve found I am able to pass on what I’ve learnt to others... which is really cool & also offer critiques to help learning artists.  I started a critique group, & I’m now taking this next step here at Patreon. 

Much of the work I do for clients may not ever be seen, concepts that aren’t used.... book covers that have gone in a different direction & work on hold as projects haven’t yet gone ahead. I need income, & it’s such a gift to feel useful again.... to contribute to the community, not be a burden. I am still very unwell, this won’t change unless by some miracle... but I’m able to manage, working on my good days & allowing myself the time needed on the bad days. 

Id like to be able to explore my own style & keep improving... I have a long way to go... there’s so much I would like to work on. In order to do this, I need a way to earn from my studies, & personal projects. By supporting me on Patreon, it will allow me to be able to further my dreams & you to receive custom content that will not be available outside of here. Tutorials, brushes, & artwork are some of the rewards.... as I improve, & become more financially sound, I will be offering further options. This will included competitions for my Patrons, as well as personal critiques of their art.  

I hope you have decided that you would like to join me here, & I thank you so very much.... it means the world. Those that don’t feel it’s something they are able to/or would not like to support, I understand... I thank you so much for taking the time to read my story & I wish you all the very best with your journey.
2020 has been a difficult one for many, I wish you love & light in your life & family.... please stay safe & be kind to one another ❤️
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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