is creating an awesome Overlay Editor for streamers

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About michgeek

Hi there! My name is Michel alias michgeek. I am a french guy from Lyon living in Melbourne. I am a passionate geek, gamer and experienced web developer.

I am creating streamnotify.com version 2 which I renamed to maelstream.com. You can watch me code live on Twitch!
What is Maelstream?
Maelstream is an all-in-one streaming tool that helps streamers to create cool and engaging live alerts for their streams.

You will be able to connect and manage multiple services in one place. It is already supporting Twitch.tv, StreamLabs.com and JustGiving.com. In the very near future it will support Youtube, Mixer, Hitbox.

It offers a user-friendly drag and drop interface, a real-time dashboard and plenty of customisable widgets.

What kind of alerts will it support?
It is supporting the basics: Followers, Subscriptions and Donations. But there's more to come such as Host, Cheers or any chat events (text, connection, disconnection, kick, ban, etc.)

Will it be free?
It is free since the beginning and will always be free to use. However in order to reward my supporters I will create exclusive widget and add more customisation features.

When did I start the project?
I initially created this tool for my friend yAssonz since late 2015. I have been working on my spare time since.

What is coming in the near future?
  • Connect with more 3rd services (Youtube, Mixer, Hitbox, Discord, you name it)
  • All-in-one chat with emotes
  • Live poll
  • Lottery give-away wheel
  • Tip jar
  • Themed overlays
  • Chat Bot
  • Quiz Bot
  • More Widgets, really cool and exclusive Widgets for pledgers!
  • Tablet app

Why do I need your support?
For maintaining and developing maelstream.com. I want to make it the best streaming tool ever and this requires a lot of time. I have been working only on my spare time and I would love to work full-time. My ultimate goal is to grow to a point that allow me to create a company and hire passionate geek to work on it with me.

Why you can be sure I will still be motivated?
Well... I worked on it on my spare time for 2 years and never let it down because I just love what I do.

$8.95 of $40 per month
Pay for the servers. At the moment Maelstream is running on a single server + a development server.
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