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About Michon Neal

The Cuilverse History:
I first happened upon cuil theory when a friend posted a link to a video by Roy Kelly that made me laugh harder than anything I’ve ever experienced. If you appreciate cuil theory you might enjoy my stories employing it.

What Exactly is Cuil Fiction?
The name of integrated works that stem from The Black Tree series is called The Cuil Effect. Why? Because cuil theory is fantastic and absurd and yet still ties together just like life.
Just as intersectional feminism acknowledges and branches out from the reality that systems of oppression, privilege, and power dynamics are integrated, so does cuil fiction acknowledge this facet about life, the universe, and everything within literature.

Cuil Levels:
A cuil level is assigned to each work. These range from level one to level seven. Each level is progressively further removed from reality as we know it. Cuil Levels are from 1-6 and in ascending order for the amount of craziness/presence of surreality/ratio of queer/disabled/POC to straight/cis/able-bodied people. And Level 0 is downright bizarre and uncomfortable for everyone, including me.

Then there is level zero, which is so far removed it actually circles around and reflects reality and cuil reality. In general, the higher the cuil level the more absurd, impossible, and insane the events. Basically, it’s like the books are ranked from realistic fiction to anime-level creativity and insanity.

What the hell does that mean?

Basically, cuil fiction is intersectional fiction. That means stories about intersex, POC, pansexual, women, gender variant, ace, aromantic, autistic, disabled, kinky people and all others normally marginalized, ignored, or misrepresented in media are centered without explanation or angst.

Introducing Cuil Press:
If you’re interested in learning how to write Cuil, you can book me here. If you want to publish with Cuil Press, check us out at cuilpress.com.

Who Am I?
Since I appreciate full disclosure, I’m letting it all out in the open: I’m Black (with Irish and Cherokee thrown in to fuck things up further), autistic, aromantic, noetisexual (a new term coined by yours truly), demisexual/asexual (though not a celibate one), polyamorous, Relationship Anarchist, autodidact, relationship fluid (an invention of Louisa’s), disabled, single parent, in poverty, kinky switch/Dom/me, assigned female at birth, synesthetic (most notably visual/touch), intersex, genderqueer, Army brat, survivor of several forms of abuse, left-handed, singleish, and pansexual.

What Have I Experienced?
My disabilities and health conditions consist of endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, fibromyalgia, eczema, secondary anxiety and depression. I’ve lived in severe poverty for my entire life, including prior, some recent and likely impending homelessness. I’ve had several major surgeries, survived more rapes than I can count, and narrowly escaped stalkers, domestic violence, and murderers. I’ve been writing cuil fiction, my invented intersectional queer and poly genre, for over 16 years. I raise my children non-traditionally with my sister. I’m also a not-quite widow; within months of one another I lost both a former female partner and a current male partner.

What Do I Know?
I attended many schools, majoring in areas as diverse as Drama, Instrumental Music, Choir, Dance, Aviation Maintenance, Teaching and Technology, Brain and Mind Studies (which includes an in-depth integrated approach to the different disciplines dealing with, well, the mind), Women Gender and Sexuality Studies, Objectivism.

Of course, that’s only my education on paper; since the age of 12 or so I’ve also been a voracious self-taught student of history, sexuality, religions, cosmology, philosophy, math, technology; anything that caught my fancy.

I spend the majority of my time presently engaging in fleshing out the many corners of the cuilverse (the fictional, intersectional world of my queer, poly characters), serving as Editor and Speaker for Postmodern Woman, and providing content for groups such as Intersectional Non-Monogamy (another invention of mine) and a few others of intersectional focus. I’m also a Sensitivity Editor and Accountability Counselor; offering a number of courses of varying topics I both have personal and educational experience with.
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