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Doesn't matter what you have in between your legs. If you've decided to give some of your hard-earned money to a guy like me, you're clearly a better person than I am. You're my bro, bro, and I appreciate you. That or you're a pervert, which I also love you for.

With this, you get early access to pics before I upload them to my main gallery. As well as a free sketch. These are chosen randomly via wheel, (https://wheeldecide.com) about two/three per month and once you've gotten a sketch, you'll be removed from the list of candidates so that eventually everyone will have a turn.

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$3!? You must really like me, OR you really like fat chicks. Either way, You have my eternal thanks.

With this, you get everything from the previous tier, as well as a 10% discount on commissions and YCHs. It's not much, but it's the least I could do to repay your clearly misplaced kindness.

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S-Senpai...you're giving me five whole dollars? 

But seriously, $5? You're nuts! And that's not a bad thing. 

With this, you get everything from the previous tiers. In addition, when you're (randomly) selected for free sketches they will be upgraded to colored and shaded pics! Still single character-only, at the moment.




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There are many things that people look at and say, 'That shouldn't exist in this world. It's gross/sick/disgusting/weird.' I'm the one who draws those things.

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