Zachary Foster

is creating a Political Satire Youtube Show



About Zachary Foster

I’m terrible at stand-up comedy. I wondered, am I terrible at just stand-up, or all comedy? Middle East Tonight is the result of that thought experiment.

Also, I’ve struggled to find an echo chamber for my political opinions. Newspaper screen editors have rarely taken interest. Fortunately, there are no screen editors on youtube.

My hope is to turn Middle East Tonight into one of the top twenty political satire youtube channels by American Jewish millennials who did their Ph.Ds in Near Eastern Studies at Princeton. Got to set a high bar.

I’ve released episodes on Palestine and Saudi Arabia and have two episodes qu’ed up: one on Turkey and the other on US foreign policy in the Middle East. My aim is to expose injustices, criticize tyrants, support unsung heroes and not become persona non-grata anywhere.

If you are looking for a way to support the work of journalists and commentators critical of the Saudi government -- despite attempts to silent to silence us -- then please consider contributing.

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