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About Mid Drift Movement

Mid Drift is a nonprofit organization and Docu-series , working to change society's unrealistic expectations of what a mother's body should look like and encouraging people to embrace the physical transitions that may stem from parenthood.

We have have just finished Episode 1!!!
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Episode 1 introduces the background and progress of the Mid Drift nonprofit and its work surrounding the issue of postpartum body image. Through their workshops, media, and travels, they highlight the work, motivation, and struggles of many of their body positive allies including A Beautiful Body Project, The Body is Not An Apology, The Shape of A Mother, 4th Trimester Bodies Project, and more.
With Your Support, we can continue this series!!!
Mid Drift will continue to explore the complexity of postpartum body image as film makers and Mid Drift Movement co-founders, Angie and Mike Sonrode will delve into numerous sub-topics including sexuality and the partners' perspective, common postpartum physical symptoms, media influence, health care systems, loss, cultural perspectives, self-care/healing, and much more.

We already have countless hours of footage, plan to continue to collect more, and need Movement Members' help to make this happen!!!
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Our first membership quota is 50 members.  We feel that starting with a community of this size, funding will help us create and produce Episode 2 of our docu-series. Our long term goal is to gather as many Mid Drift members as possible and to make our nonprofit priority # 1 in our working lives, as this project feels like a calling to us. When we achieve this goal, we will continue filming around the world and gathering stories for subsequent episodes.  During this process, we plan to continue holding workshops/screenings in as many locations as possible.
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