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Midnight Marinara is a podcast done in the style of a radio play. More than a simple narration, the show takes tales scavenged from the darkest corners of the internet, adapts them for a full cast of voice actors, coats them in our own unique blend of spices and sauces and releases them to the hungry horror lovers of the world as chilling, thrilling or humorous audio dramas. Whether it be a well-known story or a relative unknown, we strive to bring quality suspense and entertainment to each story we tell.

In addition, we are also the home of the bi-monthly Undercooked Analysis series , where stories are read cold with no script, no plan and no filters with frequently insightful and oftentimes hilarious results. Listeners are more than welcome to share their own work (if they dare) to be put to the scrutiny of the hosts - they may sometimes be harsh on the work, but they will never be harsh on you as an individual, since their goal is to help horror writers understand and improve their craft.

While both shows are free to any and all that wish to listen, with a little bit of help from our patrons, we have grown to have more regular features, and have remained sponsor-free. You support means we can dedicate more time and energy to making the best scary audio dramas and ridiculous analysis possible!
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When we reach this goal, for those lovers of our audio dramas, we'll begin earnestly creating a proper serial series - an ongoing, original narrative alongside our smorgasbord of anthology stories - based on one of the backdoor pilots presented in the last season of Midnight Marinara (Deadbaggers, Bishop and Holiday, etc.)
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