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hi! I'm Duchess! here's a faq if y'all are curious, but the quick version is I'm a twenty-something English BA currently working in corporate PR. I also like to write fic! you can see all my work on my ao3 account!

there are four tiers to choose from!

the WREATH tier grants you access to my discord (and thereby allows you access to pictures of my pets which is the real reward) as well as a look at cut content and scrapped ideas, of which I have quite a lot of that no one ever sees. I'll also explain my thought process behind these discarded pieces and why they failed, which is something I'm always personally interested in with other writers. you also get a say in what I write via a patreon poll!

the CIRCLET tier grants you all of that + access to the #wip-land channel in my discord, where you can post any kind of project you're working on! I'll be happy to read over it and give it my feedback! If you're in university I'd be happy to look over your essays (I did this when I was a student for other students) and offer any advice I have as an English major who has written many, many essays and who also just, like, generally likes academia. I will absolutely not write your essay for you that is not what this is begone from me academic dishonesty.

the TIARA tier grants you all of that + the real thing (I suppose based on your feedback) people want, and that is the opportunity to request a fic from me. tiara fics are in the ballpark of 1.5-2.5k words (Crux and Hollow are examples of fics that length). I have three hard rules about fic requests that you can read here just so we're all on the same page, but other than that, everything's fair game. honestly the more specific your scenario the better—I want to create something you really like! if you pledge this tier, you get one request per month, unless otherwise stated. there's a cap at five patrons just to try and prevent getting backlogged from the start!

the CROWN tier is the highest tier, and grants you all the rewards from wreath and circlet, along with a fic request that is longer than the tiara fics! crown fics range from 3.5k-5.5k (No Guard and handful of hours are examples of fics that length). the same three hard rules apply, but besides that, I'll hop in your DMs and we can work on something you want! if you pledge this tier, you get one request a month, which is why there's only room for two patrons, because if for some reason more than two people want to give me $14 a month I'd very quickly lose my mind trying to get those fics cranked out.

additionally! you might be thinking "I really want to request a fic, but paying monthly isn't an option" that's just fine! I'll take it as a commission! hop into my DMs on twitter, let me know what your request is, how long you'd like it to be, and then I'll direct you to my ko-fi account! the drawback to requesting fics like this is obviously my patrons would come first, so I wouldn't be able to give you a hard completion date!

thank you so much for reading this far! there's no pressure to maintain any pledge you make, or to make one at all. all of my fics, including patron-requests, will always end up on ao3, so you'll always know what I'm up to. it's a bit scary to try something like this, but I've been warmly supported by my readers for quite a while now, and really want to try and work on fulfilling their requests.

feel free to drop me a line if you ever have any questions <3

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