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For folks who want to offer support, but don't have the time/desire to engage with my other offerings! You'll have access to posts only available here on Patreon, about what I'm learning, offering, and any other exciting news. Thank you for your support!! 

Guided Trance Through The Wheel
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Every autumn, I launch a year long exploration of the Wheel of the Year. That class series will be available for sign up through Patreon starting this summer, so stay tuned! 

If a full class is not for you, you can have access to the 8 guided trances from the Wheel of the Year program, delivered to your inbox as an audio file via Dropbox a week before the next upcoming holiday. These trances are designed to help you explore your relationship to the season energies, and to clarify specific magic that is calling to be made through you.

To learn more about the Wheel of the Year, see the description for SCEST: wheel of the year class.

About trances: 

Guided visualization, or trance, is a way to access our inner landscape, explore and work with our subconscious while we are awake, and build deliberate connections with our trusted allies on the other side of the veil. 

Something to keep in mind if you are unfamiliar with trance work:

When we’re carrying around unprocessed trauma, which most of us are, exploring our inner world through trance might feel dis-regulating or scary or bring intense stuff up from our subconscious. At certain points in our healing process, being embodied doesn't feel safe. Keep in mind that you are 100% the boss of your own trance experience and if you feel uncomfortable at any point, please stop, do something to come back fully to the present (drink some water, eat a little food, move your body in some way that feels comfortable, call a friend, or any other self care you like). You can try the trance again sometime, or it might just not be the right tool right now.

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For monthly support of $5, you'll receive access to my two stand alone classes through Teachable; Empathy and Psychic Hygiene, and Heeding the Call: a discussion of working with Heart's Desire during late stage capitalism. For full descriptions of the classes, visit https://flame-honeycomb.teachable.com.

As other stand alone classes are developed, you'll be enrolled in those as well!

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About Miel Rose


My name is Miel Rose. I was given that name at birth by my father, after the golden magic of honey and my grandmother, Rose Anne.

I am a queer witch. A wounded healer. A textile artist who finds so much joy in creating sacred textile magic. A writer who is currently gestating. A navigator of chronic illness and CPTSD. I've been working with plants as medicine and practicing feminist spirituality for twenty years, although I was shaped by these forces much earlier. I was raised on herbal remedies, grown and made by my parents, and came into awareness of myself as a witch at the tender age of 11. After moving to the Pacific Northwest at 17, I started studying medicinal plants in earnest, first on my own and then with teachers such as Cascade Anderson Geller, Krista Olson, and Colette Gardiner. After completing Colette's 400 hour professional herbalism course, I was privileged to participate in the first year of the Blue Iris Mystery School in 2005, a 4 year magical training program lead by Colette Gardiner and Pomegranate Doyle.

Since 2011, I've been teaching about earth-centered spirituality and magic skills in so called Massachusetts on the unceded land of the Pocumtuc and Nipmuck peoples. My practice and teachings are rooted and centered in queer and womxn’s mysteries, Goddess worship, and European pagan/animist traditions. Within that, my tradition and practice is very eclectic and anarchic. When I say eclectic, I mean that I believe in a living and evolving tradition that incorporates surviving pieces of old witchcraft and newer traditions practiced by my teachers, and is held together, fed, and dictated by a deliberate and active relationship with Spirit. When I say anarchic, I speak of a focus on cultivating trust in your individual authority and learning to share power with peers in sacred space.

I was raised with a strong anti-capitalist/anti-consumer ethic, which is to say I believe in cultivating reciprocal relationships with the world around us vs. seeing the world as inert matter for our consumption. I believe in an intersectional view of systemic oppression, which is to say I believe we are living within the death throes of a soul eating civilization whose main expressions are rape culture, colonization and genocide, white supremacy, hatred for queerness and gender variance, life destroying class disparity, and general ecocide, all of which are interlocking tentacles of the same beast. I believe that it is impossible to survive in this system without accruing some form of trauma, that personal traumatic happenings are related to systemic oppression, and that a “culture” that is based on systemic oppression is traumatizing in and of itself. I believe in centering trauma in my magical work, and that committing to the process of healing our trauma is a magical act. I believe that the Burning Times and the destruction of the matrilineal Indigenous cultures of Europe were test runs for the genocidal colonization of the Americas, that we all are still living out the repercussions of that drastic shift and everything that came after. I believe that folks who benefit from the current white supremacist system have an obligation to look to that part of our history and do everything in our power to heal. I believe that humans lived in deep connection and relationship with their surroundings and each other for waaaaay longer than patriarchy/white supremacy/ecocidal domination have existed. I believe we can do that again.

I am immensely grateful to everyone who supports my efforts to survive in capitalism as a chronically ill, low income creator! Often the joys of my creative process are THE thing that gets me out of bed and keeps me engaged and excited about my life. Due to chronic pain and fatigue, depression and anxiety, I have only so much mental and physical energy to accomplish my daily tasks. I have to be really careful about how I prioritize that energy, and sometimes that looks like neglecting even the most basic self care (like feeding myself) so that I can accomplish tasks that will bring in income and keep me housed. This creates cycles of burnout, exacerbating the symptoms of my chronic illness and impacting my functionality. I'm very invested in finding ways to call in more sustainable and steady paths to supporting myself. 

I'm starting this Patreon account for multiple reasons.  I'm hoping to set up a network of financial support as my functionality (and ability to bring in income) continues to decrease. I hope to get to a place financially where I can afford the out of pocket health care that is most effective for my healing, like acupuncture, massage, and intuitive/spiritually informed guidance that meets the needs that traditional therapy doesn't.

I'll continue to be able to give folks access to my online classes through smaller monthly payments, simultaneously keeping them accessible and streamlining the admin work that can be a real energy drain. I'm hoping for the energetic space to develop the new classes I've been dreaming about, exploring themes of the Dark Goddess, our relationship with myth, and textile magics as tangible ways of connecting to the ancestors.

Being more financially stable will free me up to create outside of the hustle/exhaustion cycle I've had to engage in to meet my basic needs. I'll be able to put energy towards free offerings, like the ritual song library I'll be starting this year, a container for folks to share recordings and stories about the ritual songs they love. I'm gearing up to start some longer writing projects that have been germinating inside me for years now, including a novel exploring the Otherworld and the queering of old stories. As soon as I'm ready to start sharing, patrons will be first in line for a sneak peek!

I'm entering a phase of seeking outside training, both with my textile work and spiritual practice. As someone largely self-taught, this is both exciting and scary. On the horizon is a training on the oracular traditions of the Melissae, a lineage of honey bee priestesses in Europe. And I'm making plans to participate in a mini weaving immersion in 2020 at Vävstuga, a weaving school focused on Scandinavian weaving traditions. While it feels scary to pursue trainings as an under resourced person, I'm following my heart and gut and trusting that between myself, the Goddess, and so many folks who support me that it will work out. I'm looking forward to sharing about my adventures on this platform!

As a descendent of settler colonizers, living on unceded indigenous territory, in a country built through slavery, I'm also committed to reaching financial stability so that I can pay regular reparations with more ease and frequency. I'll be collecting 15% of my monthly income through Patreon as reparations tax and passing it on to Indigenous and Black led organizations and individuals.

With all my heart, I thank you for reading and, if you are called, for your support!!

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