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About Mikael Finstad

I build open source software because I want to increase the quality of free software in the world, and I believe software should be available to everyone.
The JavaScript ecosystem has been built by so many hard working and generous people and I use open source packages all the time in my work. I want to give back to the community whenever I can. However as it doesn't pay much, so I have to prioritize my time in order to make a living.

With your support, I can focus more on creating new, awesome software as well as keep improving the software you all love and use every day.

See some of the free software that I made:
LosslessCut - The swiss army knife of lossless video/audio editing - used and loved by thousands every day
EDITLY - The easiest to use command line video editing API?
SimpleInstaBot - Dead simple and effective instagram bot to gain followers
ezshare - Easy and fast file sharing without an internet connection
telldus-api - TellStick API for home automation
ical-expander - npm package for parsing ical files
dynamodump - npm package for backing up and restoring AWS DynamoDB tables
cognito-backup - npm package for backing up AWS Cognito user databases
hls-vod - Video-on-demand from your own video library

I hope that I can make my "software bucket list" shorter by realising all my exciting open source software ideas.
Thank you for all who have already supported my work so far and I hope I can eventually work full time on this! ❤️

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