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Gas Station Cappuccino!

$1 /mo

Thank you so much! You've caffeinated me with a gas station cappuccino!...

Rockstar PUNCHED!

$3 /mo

Whoa, thanks! You just bought me a Rockstar Punched! That's 240mg of caffeine to ke...

Fancypants Latte!

$5 /mo

I don't know about you, but I love delicious overpriced coffee! It makes ...

Beverage Queen!

$10 /mo

THANK YOU!! You've unlocked my Beverage Queen status! I tend to hoard beverage...

Bare Bottles!

$20 /mo
Oh myyyy! You've unlocked the NSFW tier! This level grants you access to a monthly sketchbook of nudity and smut as well as a (non-nsfw) thank you doodle mailed straight to your doorstep! And that'...

Cuppa Swag

$40 /mo
Every other month, you will receive a swag package delivered straight to your doorstep! This package includes exclusive prints, stickers, and buttons featuring #Wafflefry and more!

AND this...