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is creating a ride through insanity and sanity of human behaviors.
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About Miguel Antunes

Hello patrons!
I am a young Portuguese poet. I've been writing poetry for more than ten years. It all started when I had to stop the guitar classes due to tendinitis. I spent most of my time, during university classes, writing. Listening to music and daydreaming about being in a band, or writing a book just like Jack Kerouac did. Or Allen Ginsberg or William Burroughs, or all those great artists from the Beat Generation.

A few years later, when I started working, I was introduced to the Lisbon night by a co-worker. During my youth I was that typical geek guy, never leaving home, playing video games all through the night. But something changed.
During one of those nights out, I went to an open-mic to sing some Blues. It was my first time on a stage, improvising all the songs and poems I have written years before. Somehow, it worked.

I started to go there every week, for one year. I met a lot of musicians, started a few collaborations. Time moved forward - as it always does - and I was playing different stages, learning more and more about life as an artist. At the same time, I was programming for big companies during the day.

In November of 2018, I went to Berlin. That voyage was critical, it changed my perspective of life. It was on a cold day in Berlin that I got my first gig. I played for about 30 minutes, with a friend on the guitar and me singing. We rocked the place. People loved the performance, I went to the bar to get some more beers with the earned tips.

Back in Lisbon, I went back to my job, the natural regime of a mortal soul. At night I was walking from place to place trying to get some concerts. A Portuguese Tasca named Senhora dos Anjos was interested in having me there. Days later, they invited me to create a poetry event there.
Everything started to get interesting artistic shapes. I became the co-founder of Lispoetas, a poetry event where poets gather around to spread words on a Sunday afternoon. I've got an invitation to go to Berlin again, this time to be part of a festival. I decided to dedicate more of my time to poetry, and that would only be possible by taking a sabbatical of my day job.

I started to be part of the artistic scene in Lisbon. Participating in Poetry Slams, getting invited to events like LX New Artists. I began to gather my collection of poetry to publish a book.
Right now, I'm taking the next step in creating a Patreon Page. The only way to pursue and deliver my art to the people is by getting paid. Everything is free nowadays, but without any support, we artists aren't able to keep doing what our soul demands for you to consume. The music you love or your brand new favorite poem, or whatever it is art-related takes hours of dedication, years of work, both tearful and joyful moments.

I expect to get help from this community, with the condition that I'll deliver my art to you. I want to get around the world and share my words, my songs, my blues, my poems and performances with you.
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I'll publish a special new video with a poem of mine. Patreon supporters, expect a big thank you in the end!
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