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First of all, thank you for taking a chance on me.

My nickname is Boogy (it's pronounced like boogie nights) it's a derivative from Bogdan and was given to me by stepfather.

I'm a sociable guy, born in Bucharest, Romania in august 31st of 1985 but living in Belgium since 1990. Didn't study at any school music therefore I'm composing by ear or using samples and been doing sow since I was 14. These days I buy samples pack that have midi version of them samples which I arrange with ACID Pro 8 (Thanks Magix for resurrecting this DAW) and then combined with IK Multimedia Sample Tank you here the results. I have composed or arranged more then 200 instrumentals. I hope to make it with my music but if that is not in the cards for me, well at least there will be a trace that i was really here.

Enjoy your listening and take care.


PS: I will upload more tracks soon on my soundcloud. I've been taking a break with responsibilities creeping up on me. :) 

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