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About Mijn Smart Home Tweakblog

Creating content on domotica is fun, but expensive! Therefore I can only keep up the work if there's some money to spend. I don't intend to make any money on my blogs and vlogs. It's strictly a hobby! All income will be used to create more content on domotica! More products, more reviews, more experiences and more support for everyone who wants to give domotica a try!

Patrons will get great content on Domotica both in word and video PLUS:
  • extra chances to win for every future give-away;
  • special requests: want to know something specific related to domotica? Ask me and it will be put on the todo-list for future blogs/vlogs!;
  • Early access on some content;
  • Access to Patron only blogposts;
  • Special discounts on domotica (and other) products from my sponsors (currently Yeelight and Banggood);
  • Personal support for any Patron who wants to start their own domotica projects! I don't know everything there is to know, but I can always try and help you out if you get stuck with your own domotica projects.

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