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Mika is currently seven years old and has a vivid imagination. When Mika was four years old she discovered the YouTube world of videos of kids doing stuff. For the next 18 months she talked to her audience when she played (she still does this) and begged me to let her start a YouTube channel. Like most parents, I told her no many, many times. I was (and still am) concerned about her safety.

In 2017 I discovered that Amazon began once again allowing Colorado residents to become affiliates the year before. Since Mika was still pressuring me to let her start a YouTube channel, I decided that YouTube might be a good way for Mika to build a "now and future" fund (with parental control). I signed up as an Amazon affiliate, recorded her opening her presents Christmas Day 2017 and launched her YouTube channel.

Unfortunately the real world reared its ugly head and I got sick at the end February 2018. I got sicker and sicker and had to stay in bed. At the end of August I was hospitalized for another issue and they discovered tumors. Three months later I was officially diagnosed with stage four cancer and started chemotherapy. I recently finished treatment and hope to stay cancer free. Now I hope to be able to help Mika's dreams come true and discovered Patreon as a vehicle to help her get there.

Her most recent YouTube videos are the 'Mika Rocks Reading' series in which she reads children's books. We are soon adding the 'Awesome Adventures with Mika' series that includes videos of Mika enjoying her adventures around town and beyond.

We will also be adding videos of Mika creating her artwork (she is seven so it is very basic, except the animatronic she sculpted from strawberry Starbursts. She will need to create another one with the camera rolling.) She will also be unboxing toys and creating elaborate stories while playing with her toys. Please enjoy her videos on YouTube.

You can purchase the books Mika reads or the toys she features on Amazon. The links used are affiliate links. By buying through the links we may receive a commission for the sale. This has no effect on the price for you.
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