is creating a Podcast on Cognitive Liberty & The Benefits of Psychedelics

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About Mikeadelic

Hi, I am the host of the podcast, Mikeadelic.

Mikeadelic focuses on the benefits of psychedelics, self-improvement, and cognitive liberty.

Each week I discuss various topics that deal with society, culture, self-improvement, religion, spirituality, mindfulness, psychology, philosophy and much more. I aim to explore these topics through a psychedelic  POV with a focus on cognitive liberty.  

My mission is to create a space that has inspiring conversations and fosters interesting and unique explorations of deep thoughts and big ideas.

I share information about the amazing healing potential of natural plant medicines and other alternative methods & practices for inner growth.
I discuss the latest psychedelic news, tell stories, breakdown current events, have guests and play clips from visionary thought leaders and psychedelic pioneers.

I believe in a future of peace and prosperity for all human beings on this planet. I know we can all live better lives and create a better world for the next generation.

I am inspired by all of YOU! all of you people out there that are passionate about taking this ride with me and living life to its fullest. 

More and more people are waking up every day. This new shift in consciousness is transforming our world by birthing new modalities and systems that we love. We can achieve it in our lifetime.

The freedom and connection the internet brings and the innovations in technology are making old power structures obsolete are changing the way we think and interact, know, and understand each other.

I need your help to spread this message of liberty, psychedelics and self-improvemt.

We live in the greatest time to be alive. We have the power to change the world for the better right now. In our lifetime. First, It begins with waking people up. My Podcast aims to do all these things and more. If you want to see the ideas I and my guests talk about on this show spread to a wider audience, then consider becoming a Patron. For only 3 cents a day you can support this show and make it happen.

 If you share in my vision, you know what to do. Peace.
$130.58 of $200 per month
I want to develop a home studio space and buy some awesome equipment. Right now I have very basic equipment.

This $ will help me get all the things I need to produce amazing sound quality, hire graphic designers, have extra storage and features for my website and all the necessary technical things that the top professionals in this space have.

In order for my message to be an influential one in the mind of the mainstream public consciousness, I know I need to  be flawless in the quality and execution.

 I want to produce a consistent, immersive and transformative multimedia experience. 

This money will also give me the creative freedom to take bigger risks to produce super unique content that I wouldn't have the ability or access to, otherwise.  

Thank you so much for helping me with this mission. 
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