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"Mike Carlson's writing makes me come" -George Pelecanos (novelist, scriptwriter, show-runner and producer, Redskins fan)

"Iron Mike...you're too much" -Osi Umeniyora (ex Giant, current BBC pundit, unabashed Giants fan)

"Can't wait for your season picks" -August Kleinzahler (America's best poet, Niners fan)

"Can you please not crash over my intro this time?" -Nat Coombs (prolific TV, radio & podcast host, Dolphins fan)

At the start of the 2018 season, Iron Mike promised elite weekly predictions, and FMTE delivered. A 172-82-2 record, 67%, which would place the column fourth among all the pundits tracked on the US nflpickwatch.com site.

So Yes! Heee'sss Back! Iron Mike Carlson's Friday Morning Tight End, picking all the NFL games every week. For more than two decades, he's been the UK's most popular NFL pundit, now he's reaching beyond Britain to bring you predictions, analysis and off-the-wall comment...Live and uncut, only on Patreon!

Let's stop the third-person stuff. Iron Mike hates people who refer to themselves like that! Back in 2005 I started picking every game for my FMTE column on nfluk.com. The results were good; over 13 seasons only one fell below 64%, half were over two-thirds correct. In the four years nfluk ran a competition, FMTE was second the first year and first the other three. The last two seasons, its 67% hit rate would have been the third or fourth best score on nflpickwatch.com which tracks all the major US pundits. But the column became increasingly hard to locate on nfluk, and for this season it was dropped. So now, it will be here, in one place, easy to access, every Friday (and with a leader on The Abomination That Is Thursday Night Football a day early). Along with occasional special features during the week.

Not to go all Troy McClure on you, but you'll see me on BBC TV covering the London International Series and Super Bowl, and hear me on Talksport doing Jacksonville games every Sunday. You can catch me on podcasts for Matchroom and with my old buddy Gnat Coombs,and the NFL show, which Gnat also hosts and for which I sing harmony. And I write a monthly column putting the NFL in historical perspective for Gridiron.

If you're old school like Iron Mike, you might go back 26 years, to WLAF and the London Monarchs on ScreenSport. Or WLAF/NFL Europe and NFL on Sky. Or the late lamented Sunday and Monday Night Football all-nighters on Channels Five and Four. Or Big Ten and Notre Dame college games and European amateur games on Eurosport. Or NFL on BBC Radio Five Live. I covered NFL Europe for Pro Football Weekly, the International Herald-Tribune, the Guardian; wrote a million words (literally) for First Down; and podcast on Americarnage, Carlson & Coombs, and elsewhere. Most memorably for me, and I hope the audience, I did the play by play for the Global Kilamanjaro Bowl, the first-ever American football game in Africa, from Arusha for ITV Tanzania, as pictured above with my broadcast analyst Reggie Brooks.

What I love most is meeting people who watched those shows, enjoyed them, decided to give the NFL a try, and have stuck with the game. Because that's what this is all about. Iron Mike hates the cult of personality! Yet here he is, no here I am, highlighting all 267 NFL games this season.Hit the 'Become A Patron' button and join the party....

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when we reach 500 patrons, I'll release a chapter of my memoir, long in progress, and add a monthly blast from the past column....
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 106 exclusive posts
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