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Loud, outspoken and comically sound, ladies and gentlemen, meet Mike Falzone. One of his more popular segments, “Walk and Talks” highlights every day issues according to Mike, his “How to” videos give advice on morally questionable endeavors and his stream-of-consciousness style keeps fans constantly on their toes. With his legs moving as quick as his mouth, Mike keeps the camera rolling, following him every step of the way (no, really) as he goes about his bi-weekly, laugh-out-loud rants. Mike’s first book – Never Stop Shutting Up – has been released after raising over $10,000 on Kickstarter, and he can also be found sharing comical genius on WayWire.com’s TweetTap. Recently signed to DFTBA records, Mike is also known to be quite the musician doing collaborations with fellow YouTubers like Megan Tonjes.


Connecticut, USA
Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Welcome to our podcast, Welcome To The Podcast! As you may or may not know me (Mike Falzone) and CoffeeGirl (CG to close friends and family) used to host a show on waywire.com called TweetTap where we would wake up super early in the morning and make fun of things that were happening on twitter.  
Well, TweetTap came to an end in April of 2013 but, since it's REALLY hard to shut up an Italian and an Albanian, "Welcome to the Podcast" was born. 
Each week we discuss important topics like the current state of chunky peanut butter, playing battle sh*ts, and of course how to find true love. 
Patreon is where the podcast is taken to another level...with your help.
If you like the show (I mean reeeeally like it), and want more, consider giving us a dollar per episode. If you don't want to NOTHING CHANGES, you may still enjoy the show for free, but if you choose to contribute there are some extra goodies in it for you! 
For example: 

  • High quality downloads of the show!
  • Need advice, a good laugh, or just want to hang out and watch each other drink coffee? Skype with me!   

  Our podcast is hosted by podomatic.com and because you guys have been downloading the show like crazy we need to raise money to cover our hosting costs.
IMPORTANT: Patreon is simply for the people who want to lend a helping hand. If you don't want to or if you are unable to, nothing changes. You can still enjoy the podcast (and everything else we do) the exact same way you have been: free of charge! 
We won't love you any less! 

Mike & CG
**Note: All rewards are fulfilled the week AFTER you pledge. After we upload each episode, Patreon gives us a nice little list telling us who-gets-what. We use that list to fulfill our obligation to you.
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