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We live in a remarkable time for roleplaying games. Even before Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition hit the shelves the industry and hobby were expanding by leaps and bounds, and today there are more people picking up dice faster than ever before. 

Something else is happening, too: people just aren't making big, sexy RPG books as much as they used to. Don't get me wrong these are still being made—indeed right now there are more games to play than you could get to in a lifetime—but most creators are drawn to making small "pamphlets" of adventures or settings or lite hacks or whatever. 

I did not start playing RPGs because of pamphlets. I got started because a thick tome caught my interest, sucked me inside for a week, and two decades later here we are. It is awesome that people can dig on smaller settings and shorter books, or digital only releases, and bless those gamers and the designers out there meeting that demand but I'm not here for that. 
I'm here to make big whomping RPG books.

Mike, what the hell does that mean? Are you illustrating these?
That's the only thing I don't do. The 414 page Book of Exalted Darkness is principally illustrated by Indi Martin and the cover for Mists of Akuma (281 pages) by Claudio Pozas. I do everything else. Layout, cartography, most of the writing (I'm not insane and value the contributions brought by other voices!), graphic design, crowdfunding, and the like.

Can we get your books through here?
Not usually! I've got publishers my settings are licensed to and you can pick my books up from them. They are easily found by perusing my laughably spartan website over yonder: https://mikemyler.com/campaign-settings/. Stick around for 10 or more weeks to get a hardcover of the next Vignettes of Soburin hardcover (see below for more details).

What games have you or are you designing content for?
  • Dungeons & Dragons 5E (only as a third party publisher)
  • Black Crusade (for Fantasy Flight Games)
  • Wrath & Glory (for Uliesses Spiel / Cubicle 7)
  • Shadow of the Demon Lord (with licensing from Schwalb Enterprises)
  • What's Old Is New (by EN Publishing)

Well then what the hell can we get here?

An unfettered, unapologetic, and kickass window into the world of making big whomping hardcover RPG books.
  1. The inside track on what I'm working on with exclusive content previews and the first look at incoming illustrations
  2. The reasons I land on doing certain things
  3. Getting from idea to tangible project to finished book
  4. Pitfalls of the creative process
  5. Trials and tribulations of staying afloat in the chunky waters of the third party publisher market
  6. What it's like to be a full-time freelance game designer (5 years now and counting)
  7. Tips and tricks for crowdfunding niche products and finding a market
  8. Advice on getting yourself established and achieving success doing like I've done
  9. Whatever else you ask for or that I can come up with
  10. Soburin Vignettes! Stick around for at least 10 posts and when the second series of encounters (1st through 20th level) is complete, you'll get a discount voucher for the compiled hardcover
Vignettes of Soburin Volume 1 - 01 Dyo's Dilemma.pdf (free)
Vignettes of Soburin Volume 1 - 02 Adeddo-Saru Chaos.pdf (free)
Vignettes of Soburin Volume 1 - 03 Budding Budōnoki.pdf (free)
Vignettes of Soburin Volume 1 - 04 Virtuoso Oni.pdf (free)
Vignettes of Soburin Volume 1 - 05 Masked Masayoshi.pdf (Patrons)
Vignettes of Soburin Volume 1 - 06 All Dried Out.pdf (Patrons)
Vignettes of Soburin Volume 1 - 07 Plagueblade.pdf (Patrons)
Vignettes of Soburin Volume 1 - 08 Gyōshi’s Puppetry.pdf (Patrons)
Vignettes of Soburin Volume 1 - 09 Ghost Dog.pdf (Patrons)
Vignettes of Soburin Volume 1 - 10 Oni Swarm.pdf (free)
Vignettes of Soburin Volume 1 - 11 The Thriceblade.pdf (Patrons)
Vignettes of Soburin Volume 1 - 12 Midnight Warlord.pdf (Patrons) 

Vignettes of Soburin Volume 2 - 01 Urgent Message.pdf (Patrons)
Ancient Greece DnD 5e.pdf (Patrons)
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NPCs! Each week I'll post a non-player character destined to appear in one of my campaign settings.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 41 exclusive posts

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