Mike Vitale is creating Sound Recordings and Music Videos

Become a Patron and Learn More About Me

$1 /mo
Learn more about me!  For Example, I used to be an English major in College and I write short stories and blogs about my life.  With this tier, you gain access to said exclusive stories AND you bec...

In-depth Detail About Songs and Learn More About Me

$5 /mo
At this tier, I'll give you in depth detail about songs I have written.  The full picture, so to speak.  We can discuss what the song is about or how the song happened.  It'll be like show and tell...

Stream A New Song/Video Before Anyone Else

$10 /mo
Early Access to Finished Project!  Alright, so the new video/song/recording is done for this month!  Yes!  You hear it first, before everyone else.  Plus, you get in depth detail about a song and g...

Name in the Credits

$20 /mo
As a patron, you'll be recognized for making my work possible, because you are rad.  I will also give you access to all the previous tiers.  Dang!

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Shoutout in Facebook Video

$25 /mo
$25 patrons get a shotout on my next Facebook Video recorded on my phone.  Not to mention, all the tiers previously mentioned.  Baller!

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I'll Write You A Poem

$50 /mo
Yes, I write poetry too (I mean, come on, I'm a lyricist).  Have a crush on a guy/girl and want to let him/her know how you feel?  Send me details about what the subject of the poem is, and I'll wr...

I'll Write You a Song and Record a Demo

$100 /mo
Send me details about a particular subject matter, and I will write you a song AND record a demo of it for you!  I will send you a copy of the song, and I if I really dig what we made, I'll post it...

House Show (One Hour Set)

$200 /mo
I will play a one hour set (solo acoustic) of original music at your place!  Make a party out of it.  Invite all your friends over to the house.  Bust out the BBQ.  You will also get access to excl...

Come Hangout at the Studio: Executive Producer

$500 /mo
Come hang out at the studio!  You are one of the exectuve producer's of the project, so you belong here.

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