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Hi!  I've been a creative person my whole life, mainly with artistic endeavors.   However, I've always had trouble making a real go of earning a solid living with art.  It always seemed so elusive.  I started playing guitar at age 14 and have been playing now for 44 years.  About two years ago I was drawing in a live stream and mentioned to the people in that stream that I had my acoustic guitar within reach and was instantly prodded into singing a song for everyone.  I was nervous as hell!  I reluctantly did it and the reception was very enthusiastic!  I've sung my whole life and suffice it to say I know my way around R&B and I DON'T require a pitch corrector!

After two years of adding many songs to my list, some I have written, some not, I have become more comfortable in expressing myself through this venue than any other and have decided to take the plunge and get a fan base going and get a professionally produced album made at Pyramid Sound Studios in Ithaca, NY ( http://pyramidsoundstudios.com ) and make this my livelihood.  I have already met with the studio owner and was given a price of $6000 for a 5 song EP, complete with anything i require as far as backup singers, horn/string section players (real ones!), upright bass player, whatever, and full post production.  Of course I will need to raise extra money to get copies made on CDs, but I see that as a separately handled issue.  

Look, the very heart of this is that I have found a solid way to bring joy to people through a method that flows like tap water.  This is like breathing to me and I truly believe that my creator wants me doing this now, to become an instrument of expression to bring happiness to itself and the people I can share this gift with.  I could really use your support with this and I will gratefully give back to those who choose to do so.  Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!  

In Lak'ech!
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Some of this money will be for general living expenses, but mostly it will used to raise money to acquire the needed funds for the making of this EP. This money will help me get the exposure I need as well via live gigs.
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