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About Mike Waskosky

I decided to transition this profile from a "New Earth Network" centered focus to instead cover all my projects that are not financially compensated. Patrons receive a message with my email address, please contact me with what you would like to see more of.

I have a YouTube channel here:

Most of my projects are listed at:

The New Earth Network is a website that I built in my spare time over the last few years. This is what I originally created this Patreon page for: (https://newearth.network/)

The New Earth Network offers a way to start local groups with awakened people in your city, post events and discuss venues, post and review local services, have public or private discussions with local members, post updates and videos and photos to share, and get networked with your local higher consciousness community.

We created this website to bring in the “New Earth” consciousness faster. We seek to bring greater coherence and unity between all spiritual belief systems which agree on the need to model a higher consciousness of love and respect for all beings and belief systems, with joy and gratitude, reverence and humility. I am recommending that groups form specifically for the purposes of promoting "unity in the community" and have created this website to support new groups while also making it as practical as possible for existing groups and those offering local services to benefit from networking.


-Work out any immediate website issues you find.

-Contact, partner, and collaborate with many other groups and community leaders to bring greater unity throughout as many communities as possible.

-Many dozens of usability enhancements are on our list to work on next.

-We have begun working on iOS and Android mobile apps that can be used instead of the website. Mike is a professional app developer already, and was planning on doing this from the start.

-We will be able to pay our current volunteers/friends to assist with community support services and moderation. We will be building better moderation tools also.

-Translations and Internationalization - the system is being built to support this kind of thing but there will be lots of coordination and review needed for making this user friendly for speakers of other languages.

-Many more ideas, outreach opportunities, educational resources initiatives...

Thanks for reading and considering this work as worthy of your support!

Mike Waskosky
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