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About Mikey Lynch

My latest book project The Vine Movement: Building Trellises for the Global Vine has been accepted by Matthias Media for publication. It's a long manuscript and will require some care in editing... so God-willing it'll be available for purchase through Matthias Media in April 2021 at the latest... we'll see!

This work, on theology of church (ecclesiology) and the theology of mission (missiology), which is theoloigcal, practical and historical (!!!) is a bit more ambitious than the stuff Matthias Media normally publishes... and so will require different kinds of promotional strategies for it to really get into the hands of the people who will benefit from it.

My hope is that the book will be helpful to
  • church and parachurch and cross-cultural mission staff
  • AND those studying theology,
  • AND any Christian actively involved in serving/supporting/governing a parachurch ministry of all sorts.

SOOOO... I'm wondering if you'd like to help financially support the promotion of the book, when it's ready to be released? Funds will go towards the following:
  • Purchasing copies to give to staff and board members of larger parachurch organisations (AFES, City Bible Forum, theological colleges, Scripture Union)
  • Recording costs for the Audio Book—as a longer work, it's less reasonable to call in a favour for this (although if anyone wants to offer...?)
  • Additional copies for review and recommendation beyond the standard Matthias Media budget.
  • Any "book tour" type travel (if and when travel is possible)
  • ... I'm open to other suggestions as well!
I think this book has the potential to be a really helpful go-to resource for thinking broadly and practically about church and mission in the 21st century... but it'll take some work to raise awareness for a book by a relatively unknown author from the ends of the earth, published by a small Australian publishing house!
The Christian movement needs not only sermons, podcasts, blogs and Bible studies but also books. Long form published writing establishes and articulates and preserves important ideas for the long term.

But few people get paid much to sit at their keyboard all day writing. Any help to keep this work going is much appreciated!

Mikey graduated from the University of Tasmania with a Bachelor of Arts in 2002. In 2000 he became one of the founding leaders of Crossroads Presbyterian Church where he was the lead pastor for 7 years from 2003.

Mikey now works as the Campus Director of the University Fellowship of Christians, University of Tasmania, Hobart. Mikey is the chairman of The Vision 100 Network (Tasmania) and a founding director of Geneva Push (national) - both church planting networks. He is also a chaplain at Jane Franklin Hall and the chairman of New Front Door: the Church IT Guild.

Mikey is the author of The Good Life in the Last Days: Making Choices When the Time Is Short (Matthias Media: 2018), The Vine Movement: Building Trellises for the Global Vine (Matthias Media: forthcoming) and blogs regularly at Christian Reflections.

Mikey's ministry has focused on preaching to unchurched uni students and graduates. He is also passionate about identifying and developing future Christian leaders. Mikey is married to Nikki and is the father of Xavier, Esther and Toby. He loves cooking, fishing, reading and rollerblading.

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