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is creating speculative fiction novels, screenplays, and fun Mikibits(.com)
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I'm just getting started with this patronage thingie, so this initial tier is for friends and followers who wish to support the work I already share with you at Mikibits.com and Wattpad.com. It also supports my bigger projects, destined for Netflix or PIXAR or Amazon. Every tiny bit helps free me to create more and agonize less over rent, bills, and time-sapping odd jobs. Thank you so much!!  xoxo  ^_^

Future tiers will offer exclusive content just for you. Got something exclusive you'd like to see? Let me know!




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About Miki Marshall

Since I was a child, I've written quirky heartfelt stories about normal people in extraordinary circumstances, or vice-verse, finding their inner hero. Most of my work centers around identifiable life-challenged, marginalized, or misunderstood characters, like you and me: The 99%ers, the geeks, the dorks, the dreamers, the underdogs, the strangers in a strange land.

My writing dreams are fighting to take shape, if only I could give them my full focus. Chipping away at feature film scripts, polishing an animated short script, submitting short stories, crafting a TV pilot, while picking the lock on my own overnight success story. This is my passion! Instead, I'm eking out a living in creativity-starving minimum wage jobs to pay rent, car insurance, food, kitty litter. Wait--I'm doing more eking than creating...  >.<

We all live by story. Movies and books are everywhere, so then why are artists and storytellers seemingly the last to find a living at what they do? I've heard that failure does not truly exist; simply the failure to keep trying. I'm too dedicated to my writing to ever stop striving, but I need help wrestling my time back. I don't want to run out of it without seeing my work shine. There's nothing sadder than artists who are only successful after they're dead.

I would welcome new collaborators and supportive friends to join me in helping to empower the hearts and minds of our fellow earthlings through the power of story.