Veld is creating Miki

Tip jar

$1 /mo
Hey, this is more of a tipping jar than anything, anything here will be used on Miki's development and I'd like to thank you for supporting Miki

  • Discord Color
  • Patron-only content feed


$5 /mo
You'll get full access to all miki's donator commands, and you'll get double mekos on >daily!

  • Donator Achievement
  • Improved daily mekos
  • Patron Miki commands

Shard Tier

$20 /mo
Get a special message in your profile customized by yourself!

  • Profile Title

Bot Tier

$30 /mo
Hey, with this much money, I'll give you some of my time to add content to Miki of anything you'd like (in scope), but not anything too big

  • Custom command

Supercomputer Tier

$100 /mo
Oh wowie. This almost is enough to pay for my food bills for a month itself. That's a lot of money, which I could really use. In return I'll give you tons of cool, small things.