Creating Yaoi/Gay Art (Original Character & R-18 Only)

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About Mikkoukun

Hello! This is Mikkoukun and Zael's Patreon page!
We are artists from BLits, and we offer monthly exclusive art featuring Camp Buddy characters and more here on our Patreon! Check out our previous posts to see our works and consider making a pledge to get awesome rewards!

Rewards given out are Patreon-Exclusive images which are not featured in the actual game.
Please review the reward tiers before making a pledge
Please also read our FAQs for more info!



All characters depicted are original works, fictional and 18 years old or above.
All themes portrayed in the image rewards are fiction and consensual.

Note: Only selected characters will be featured here in Patreon.



Be one of the buddies and enjoy exciting Patreon-exclusive rewards by following these simple steps:

1) Choose a reward tier that fits your budget and desired rewards.
2) Cast your vote for the featured character(s) in the monthly poll.
3) Keep updated with exciting news and important announcements about the Patreon page and future development of Camp Buddy.
4) Patreon will automatically charge you within the 1st week of the next month after the month you have pledged for. (Example: If you pledged for January rewards, Patreon will charge your payment method during the 1st week of February)
5) Receive rewards in your Patreon inbox every 15th of the month (after the month you have pledged for) (Example: If you made a pledge on any day of January, you will receive your rewards on February 15th)!

A patron may update / change or cancel pledges at any time desired.
Please make sure to pledge the exact amount based on the reward tier you are pledging for to save money!

For Patreon related concerns, please send us a private message!
Also don't forget to read our FAQs for more info!



We thank you all so much for your support, patience, and love throughout the game's development. It has been a very long wait for you, and has been a crazy roller coaster ride for the development team as we debut with our first project. We hope you enjoy all that Camp Buddy has to offer! We're also offering other products such as digital books and physical merchandise in our store, so please check it out!


For issues and concerns about the game and your purchase, please send us an email at:


100% complete
Opening Theme <UNLOCKED>
Reaching this milestone will allow me to work some assets to be used for the opening theme and hire a video animator!
Game Demo <UNLOCKED>
A Game Demo will be released to public for everyone to try out. Welcome to Camp Buddy!
Mini Game <UNLOCKED>
You can now interactively help Keitaro record his camp memories with the addition of the Journal-Themed Mini Game!
Secret Gallery <UNLOCKED>
Camp Buddy will now feature a secret gallery containing images, cgs and other resources used in the game for your own viewing!
(This is different from the default image gallery which is originally included in the game)
Additional Soundtrack <UNLOCKED>
Reaching this milestone allows Camp Buddy to get more additional soundtracks!
Unlocks a total of 4 additional soundtracks!
Beach Vacation <UNLOCKED>
Unlock a total of 4 additional CG Sets for each character route featuring beach vacation sex scenes
Extended Character Endings <UNLOCKED>
Unlock extra epilogue scenes and an additional ending sex scene for each character routes!
Includes a total of additional 4 CG Sets
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