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♦ One HD pic per PHOTOSET of the month as sample! (Between 7 and 10!)

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A 15% discount code for my whole shop! 

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First HD cosplay shoot
   + Selfies set of this cosplay 
      (~50 pics)
   + Clips set of this cosplay (~5-10 clips)
1 previous HD cosplay set 
(choice from a catalogue sent to you) (HD SFW only.)
♦ A word to say on my polls!
Behind the scenes (~75 pics)
Random selfies (~75 pics)
Food folder! (~50 pics)
Cat pics!
♦ All previous rewards of the month.

Previous sets do not stack.

Total files: Around 485 each month.

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Totally will fullfil your dreams! 
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A second HD cosplay shoot 
(~20HD pics) 
   + Selfies set of this cosplay 
      (~50 pics)
   + Clips set of this cosplay (~5-10 clips)
1 previous HD cosplay set 
(choice from a catalogue sent to you) (HD SFW only.)
 ♦ All previous rewards of the month. 

Previous sets do not stack. 

Total files: Around 665 each month.

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About Mikomi Hokina

PLEASE READ THE REWARD MESSAGE YOU WILL RECEIVE IN THE NEXT 48H AFTER PLEDGING TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTION AND GET ALL YOUR REWARDS! (Except from the 1st to the 15th every month since I prepare the rewards during that time ☆ミ (づ ◕‿◕ )づ ❤ Greetings! ❤GET THESE IF YOU PLEDGE ANYTIME IN APRIL! ♥


Using a throwaway account will result in being refunded and no rewards.

♥ What to expect if you become a Patron?
Expect lots of content, usually as soon as you pledge! I'm listening much to my community and I'll be present for you!

Rewards are usually a bunch of Gb, so get your hard drive up!



"Hey! I'm new to Patreon! What is it?"
Patreon is a monthly donation system for you to support me, allowing me to do more Cosplay and Modeling work. In return I send you nice rewards to thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

♥ "How does it work?"
When you pledge, you're charged right away and THEN on the 1st of EACH MONTH! So if you only wish to pledge once, please pledge, and then cancel immediatly, you will still get the rewards! 
Once you pledged, you will receive a patreon message with the rewards to downlaod!

♥ Does your Patreon contains nudity?"
That's one question that comes by really often, but NO! If you become a patron, do not expect explicit nudity. I only do Implied nudes, which means THE GOODS ARE STILL HIDDEN! It is implied, not explicit.

♥ "What are the rewards?"
You receive rewards according to the tier you pledged to, and to know exactly what it contains, please check the panel right above this FAQ :)

♥ "How do I claim the previous sets? Do they stack?"
Previous sets do not stack. You will get to pick the previous sets according ot THE TIER YOU PLEDGED TO! It is detailed in the rewards pivate message you will get. The reward message contains catalogues you can consult and pick from. You just answer the message with the sets you want and I send you the link ASAP!

♥ If I up from tier 5$-50$ to tier 65$, can I still ask for a previous month?
Sadly not, else you would get 4 previous sets AND an entire previous month. Which would be abusing the system and unfair. You have to wait the next month and still be on tier 65 to be able to claim a previous month!

♥ "I want that tier digital rewards but I don't want any mail/I don't want to give my address."
Then it's simple, just don't enter your address!

♥ "What do you do with the money?"
The money I get from your support is used to help me pay my Cosplay workplace and any Cosplay expenses ( Cosplay material, Stream material, paying a studio/photographer for a shoot, flying abroad to meet other cosplayers for collabs, etc)

♥ "Do you issue refunds?"
Sadly, pledges are final. You can pledge once and cancel, which makes you elligible for the monthly rewards. But you cannot be refunded unless special reasons (Or being a long term patron already) because of the fact you get access to my Patreon newsfeed which is already a part of the rewards.
The only refunds are if you are affiliated to a leak related platform. I reserve the right to exclude those who partake in suck communities as a prevention method. It is up to you to stay away from these platforms in respect to the creators you're supporting here. This isn't personal, nor targeted.

568 of 850 patrons

Reaching this goal will release a mini lewd set of Rias gremory in a sauna to EVERYONE!

Contribute for the greater good of the whole community, even for those out of Patreon!

This is a gift we all contribute to :)

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