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About Milan Latinovic

Welcome stranger,

Firstly, thank you for taking some time to read this, I really appreciate it.

Secondly, let me introduce myself. My name is Milan and I like to write about business processes and software development. Furthermore, I like to optimize business processes, to automate them if possible and make them more efficient. Finally, I like to research different technological topics and share my findings with everyone.

I have created an account on patreon to find supporters who share the same passion for business processes, technical management, and automation. Even more, I would like to share my findings and discuss my research methods with you.

About me

  • Currently, I work as a Lead Integrations Engineer, which means that I create automated software which connects different data sources (such as syncing your contacts between phone and Google or some other mail provider, syncing your data with Dropbox etc.).
  • Previously I worked as a Head of IT sector, and before that as a Software Engineer.
  • I am co-organizer of PHP Meetups in Graz (a friendly community of developers here in Austria)
  • At a beginning, my job was related to JAVA and C# stacks, but currently, it is mostly about PHP and Python. In any case, I don’t like being dependent on specific technologies or vendors.
  • Somehow I always appreciated strong core knowledge (OO concepts, patterns, debugging methodologies, processes improvement and automation) where it should not matter which language was used to “code it”. True, some languages have advantages for some specific things, but that is a whole other story.

Where can you find my work?

All of my work will be published on my blog with links to a relevant sources.
Some of this content is available for everyone and some content will be available only for my subscribers and supporters.

What kind of content am I producing?

  • Blog posts about topics related to software engineering, databases, interfaces, code reviews and I share some experiences and researches that I am making along the way.
  • Courses related to interfaces, integration and interfaces 
  • Technical tutorials 
  • Use Cases / Studies of projects that I was involved in (without sensitive project details).

What is my goal here?

I want to create weekly blog posts about topics like these:
  • Code review practices
  • Time management of small and mid-sized teams
  • The road from junior to the senior developer (tutorials and knowledge roadmap)
  • Introduction of ITIL practices inside a company (experiences from previous projects)
  • Researching the market for your new digital product (interviews with several friends who are into investments and comparing their practices)
  • Integrating your software with big players using ETL concept (experiences from the latest project)
  • Organizing a local community, how to start with it (experiences from PHP Graz Meetup)

How am I planning to accomplish this?

Examine my tiers and goals to find more information about this.

Long story short, I will keep doing what I do:
  • Working on my daily job
  • Gather my experiences and create content about it weekly 
  • Consult with my supporters and subscribers 
That is it for now, sincerely hope to have you as a part of my future community!

All best,

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