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Miles of Portraits is a magazine and film series about the people we meet as we ride our bikes around the world. It’s a celebration of goodwill and the many ways the bicycle brings us together. Think Humans of New York –– on a bicycle.

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Because Miles of Portraits is more than work –– it’s our passion; our drive. It’s a collection of stories on kindness in the midst of bad news. It’s a collection propelled by our bicycles –– vehicles that we’ve come to deem as synonymous with happiness, vehicles that have challenged perceptions on what is possible with type 1 diabetes and have gotten me through the loss of my mother.

Every time we take a selfie with a Dexcom-wearing toddler at an REI event, watch tears stream down faces of audience members, or are approached by someone who was inspired by us to go on their first overnight bike trip, it becomes clearer and clearer that we are on the right path.

As Erik says, every generation has different tools to build their own dreams.

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Our Mile Markers:
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Here's what you'll be supporting:

  • The counteraction of all the bad news we’ve been hearing –– through the stories we tell about kindness
  • Bicycle travel advocacy and all the places it can take you
  • The dreams of two type 1 diabetics and the advocacy they bring to this disease
  • The power of cycling after loss
  • Our encouragement for people to move in a sedentary world

Follow along!
Instagram:  @milesofportraits@annalisavdbergh@erikdouds

Press and coverage:

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Unique adventure. Biking around the world to share people's stories in a new film

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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