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You get access to two exclusive channels on our community server (running on discord) where you can always talk to me and other patreons and get a look behind the scenes of the blog as well as some...


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You get a link on our supporter page that can go to any site or social media account of yours. Want to show off your awesome Tumblr? Want to link your Steam profile to find people to play with? Wan...


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You get a link to your site on the main page of the site (sweet, sweet traffic!). Rules of the $5 tier apply.

Includes all lower-tier rewards below this!


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Surprise package! You'll get some exclusive (virtual) surprises from us! More info about this very soon!

Includes all lower-tier rewards below this!


$75 /mo
Your own theme day on milkboys! You give me a theme for a recurring theme day (like Mirror Monday, Freckle Friday etc.) on the blog and if I can find any way to pull it off, I will make regular pos...